Cyberpunk 2077: Sending Jackie’s remains to family or clinic?

Cyberpunk 2077: Sending Jackie’s remains to family or clinic?

 In the main mission "The Heist" you have to make a momentous decision at the end. Do you want to send the remains to the family or to Vik Vecktor's clinic? We'll tell you the consequences of these decisions and help you make the right choice.

At the end of the mission "The Heist" Vs buddy Jackie Wells will unfortunately bless the time. Delamain then asks you what to do with Jackie's body. Should you here “Bring him home. To his family. ” Or “ Take him to Vik Vecktos Clinic ” ? We'll tell you the consequences for every decision.

Bring Jackie's corpse to his family (consequences)

If you decide to have the remains of Jackie Wells brought to his family , you will unlock an exclusive side mission as the game progresses . After the 11th main mission "Playing for Time", Mama Wells will send you a message that you should call her please. If you don't react to the first message, she will send a second message three in-game days later.

So give her a call to express your condolences. She then invites you to an ofrenda (house altar ceremony in memory of Jackie), which takes place in Heywood . Then go there to start the "Heroes" side mission , which is only available if you send Jackie's corpse to the family.

This mission is worth it for you. On the one hand you get Jackie's bike and on the other hand you can  grab Jackie's pistol from the altar.

Bring Jackie's body to Vik Vecktor's clinic (consequences)

If you tell Delamain to bring Jackie's corpse to Vik Vecktor's clinic , you will be able to see an optional scene at the beginning of the 28th main mission "Total Immortal" and experience other dialogues that revolve around Jackie.

However, with this choice you will be denied the “Heroes” side mission and accordingly you will not get the rewards associated with it. So our advice: send Jackie's body to his family where it belongs.

What decision did you make for Jackie in "The Heist"? Let us know in the comments!

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