Cyberpunk 2077 Two Heads, One Bullet Trophy Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Two Heads, One Bullet Trophy Guide

 In Cyberpunk 2077 there are some trophies and achievements that are related to collectibles. If you want to complete the game with 100% progress and the platinum trophy, you have to discover all the secrets, solve all the puzzles and unlock all the trophies. In this guide we want to help you with the following trophy:

Two heads, one bullet

Kill or overwhelm 2 enemies with the same shot from a sniper rifle.

Two heads, one bullet - Trophies and Achievements Guide

The first thing you need is a sniper rifle. You can loot a sniper rifle from defeated enemies or buy one. It is advisable to wait until you receive one automatically. There will be a ton of sniper rifles throughout the story and other side activities. Don't forget to keep at least one sniper rifle.

If you have a sniper rifle look for 2 policemen standing next to each other. You can often find them on street corners, they always stand still and close together. Align yourself so that both heads are in line so that one shot hits both. It doesn't matter what type of sniper rifle you use. If they don't die when hit, turn the difficulty down (game settings =.

There are certainly many places where you can unlock this trophy / achievement. In the video you can see a good place in the Watson district.

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