Cyberpunk 2077: A video game legend Hideo Kojima in easter egg! How to meet him?

 Heard of an easter egg about a famous video game maker in Cyberpunk 2077 ? Want to find out but don't know where to look? Fortunately, we detail in this article how to meet this legend of the industry, in the latest CD Projekt game . Available from December 10 on PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One , and coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in early 2021, this futuristic RPG will take you on a journey through the city of Night City, all in a dystopian universe. And it is in one of the hotels of this city that you will meet this easter-egg, found inour complete guide to Cyberpunk 2077.


Shortly before the end of Act 1 of Cyberpunk 2077 , you take part in a mission called "The Heist", in which you infiltrate a hotel. If during this mission you choose to explore the ground floor of the hotel, you may meet a legend of the video game industry.

Indeed, as you approach the alcove to the right of the bar, you will see inside Hideo Kojima , the creator of the Metal Gear Solid license , or even Death Stranding ! While speaking to him, you can listen to him tell his vision of the video game and make reference to his studio, Kojima Productions:

Kojima Productions in easter egg

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