Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough Game Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough Game Guide


A detailed guide to the passage of all the storyline tasks of the game: a description of each prologue, tactics of the battle with Oda, Adam Smasher and other elite enemies

At the beginning of the passage "Cyberpunk 20777" select one of four difficulty levels.


Enemies will not pose a threat. Choose this level if you are only interested in the plot of the game.


Fight on equal terms. Enemies will not miss the opportunity to send V to the next world, but most often only those of them whose level is higher than yours pose a threat.


Expect serious tests. To protect yourself, you will need to carefully select cyber-implants, combat devices and other items necessary for survival.


Get ready to fight for life with all your might. You have to carefully consider combinations of skills and abilities, carefully spend items, study game systems and use weapons wisely so as not to die on the streets of Night City.


Then decide on V's background. There are three of them: a nomad, a child of the streets and a corporation. Depending on the perfect choice, you will receive a different prologue of the game. Below we will describe the prologue for each of the characters!

Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough - Prologue

The first task of the prologue of the game will depend on what life path was chosen for the main character. Below you will find information on each faction
  • The nomad starts in the wastelands outside of Knight City.
  • The street kid has been living in Night City for a long time, but is in the lower strata of society. I am perfectly familiar with the laws of the streets.
  • The corporation becomes involved in a conspiracy within the mega-corporation.

Trouble doesn't come alone (Nomad)

Talk to the mechanic, repair the wheelbarrow and get inside. Starting the engine, listen to the sheriff and go to the tower. Go upstairs and contact McCoy, and then drive to the meeting point with Jackie. Cross the border with him. At the border, you will need to go to the interrogation room, after handing over the weapon at the entrance (do not forget to pick it up). Give the documents and money to the customs officer. After crossing the border, shoot back from corporates until you find yourself in an abandoned building. Talk to Jackie to find out what kind of cargo you were transporting.

For the lads and the yard (Child of the streets)

After choosing the appearance and parameters of the main character, go up to the second floor, following the yellow marker, and listen to Kirk. He will offer to work off Pepe's debt by stealing one of the rare wheelbarrows. Agree to help and then leave the bar. After going around the corner, chat with Padre, and then sit in the back seat of his car. Choose any options. It doesn't matter how you react to the Sixth Street soldier. Upon arrival, go to the elevator and go down to the parking lot. Enter the main hall and chat with Rick sitting in the closet on the right. He will turn off the cameras. Look for the desired car at the far end and get inside. In any case, it will not work to steal a car, so you and Jackie will be arrested. However, the Stints will set you free. After listening to Jackie, stand up and watch the video. You will get the job.

Between two fires (Korporat)

Talk to Jackie in the restroom, go to Jenkins and listen to him. Take the chip and money, and then go to the airplane. On the way, you can look into the office and read the messages on the terminal (optional). Get on the airplane and head to Lizzis. Enter the bar and talk to Jackie. When the corporates come, give them the information. Jackie will protect V from them, after which the prologue of the game will be completed.

Repetition is the mother of learning

You can actually skip the tutorial. For the entire duration of the Cyberpunk 2077 storyline, a cyberdeck may be needed in a maximum of 2-3 cases. And even then, you will be given clear hints as to what to do.

Before starting work, you can get training. Jackie will give the chip, and you agree to the training. There are four tutorials in total. But after completing the first two, you can leave it. However, I recommend completing each item, since in the future no one will explain the basics of combat, stealth and hacking systems will not be.

The last game of lifeguards

After completing the tutorial (or skipping it), follow Jackie. Enter the elevator, which should close automatically. Go forward along the corridor and break open the apartment door using the cyberdeck. To do this, hold down TAB , aim at the door and click on the F key . Sneak up to the first enemy and neutralize him. Hide in the same place as Jackie and eliminate two more opponents. Continue to eliminate targets, and as soon as you are noticed, grab a pistol and shoot back from opponents. You can use the mouse wheel to switch weapons.

The leader of the bandits will appear . Go through the opening on the left to flank the criminal (from the side room). After defeating him, go to the room with the bathroom and examine the girl's body. Inject there is a stimulant, and then go out together to the balcony. Wait at the door until Trauma arrives. Put the girl on the floor and walk away. Then follow Jackie into the elevator and get into the passenger seat of the car. On your way home, pull out your weapon and shoot at enemies in the minibus. Shoot the driver. Eventually, you will find yourself in your area.

Hold F as soon as you get a hint: this key allows you to instantly move to your destination, provided that you are sitting in the passenger seat.

Enter the elevator and go to the apartment. Check out the cache, spend the first points of abilities and characteristics. And then go to bed. The first act will begin in the morning.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Act 1 Walkthrough

City of Dreams

Leave the apartment and go downstairs. Find Jackie and listen to him. He will hand over the car keys. Along the way, you will receive several new secondary tasks, so keep an eye on what is active in the PDA.

Throughout the game, you will be literally flooded with these side quests. There are much more of them than plot tasks. In order to somehow systematize your passage, I propose to complete the tasks in chronological order - as the difficulty increases.

Sit in the driver's seat and drive to the marked location. Arriving at the specified point, V will automatically get out of the car. Follow Jackie and go to Victor. This is one of the Knight City Rippers, the implant mechanics. Select the implants for the eyes and palms, talk to Victor and the quest will end.

As you accumulate credits, do not forget to visit Victor or any other ripper periodically (read the "Legend" of the card to understand their location). The presence / absence of implants does not affect the passage or ending of Cyberpunk 2077. So you can install as many implants as you like.

The first rule of "Afterlife"

Talk to Jackie and go outside. Chat with Dex, who will tell you about the task. You will need to complete two missions, and in a conversation with Jackie (after riding in Dex's car) you can choose their sequence. In principle, this does not affect anything.

Overthrow at Masltrem

Open the phone with the T keyand call Meredith Stout. Travel to the meeting point with Stout. You can ignore this moment, but if you talk to the corporation and tell the truth, she will give you a chip with money. They need to pay for the bot to the Malstremovites. Next, meet with Jackie and go inside the base with him. Take the elevator to Dum-Dum. Calm Jackie down and wait for Royce to appear. Show him the money (your own, if any, or the corporate chip). You will have the opportunity to give money (if there is at least some) or attack Royce. Attack him. If you decide to keep corporate money for yourself, open the main menu, in the "Journal" section, find the "Chips" category and remove viruses from your credit card. As soon as you get the bot from the case, get out of the object, destroying all the enemies along the way. Be guided by the marker. Outside, talk to Gilchrist if you made an agreement with him, and then call Dex. The task will be completed. The next quest will automatically start.

Cherche la femme

Go to the indicated place and talk to the bartender. Introduce yourself. Evelyn will be coming soon. Follow the girl into the lounge area, sit down and listen to her. Then move with her to Judy. Listen to a girl to find out about braindans. Sit in a chair and watch the recording. When it is over, you can study it. Press the keys shown in the tips. At first, the system may seem strange and incomprehensible, but in reality everything is quite simple here.

When recording from the hotel starts to complete an additional task, do not switch with the TAB keyto the analyzer, and view the entire record on behalf of the kept woman. When the braindance is complete, you will see several highlighted segments on the chart. Sections can be highlighted on the image (orange) or sound (green) layer. First, you will need to switch to the audio layer and rewind the video to the selected section of the green scale. Once you've done this, overhear the man on the phone. You will learn that the chip needs to be stored under some special conditions. Rewind the video almost to the very end, when the man is lying on the bed. At some point, he will slightly open the bedside table (this moment on the orange scale of the image is highlighted in bold). This is your chance to scan the tablet stored inside the cabinet. By doing this, you will learn to store the chip in a cool place. Thermal scale is activated(blue). Switch to it and rewind to a segment somewhere in the middle of the video, when the man, talking on the phone, walks to the left of the screen. At this moment, a panel will appear in the far left corner. Analyze it. It's a secret safe, and that's probably where Dex's chip is stored. To continue the passage of "Cyberpunk 2077", talk to Dex and Evelyn.

Major league pass

Go with Jackie to the Afterlife Club. After going downstairs, sit at the bar, and then meet with T-Bug and Dex. Hear this couple's plan as you sit in a chair and insert the chip. Then tell Jackie that you are ready to start. You will automatically find yourself in a limousine that will take you to an expensive hotel. Wait for the arrival, and then, together with Jackie, go inside. Climbing upstairs, you can linger in the restaurant or go straight to your room. Arriving at the room, wait for T-Bug to give the command, and then use the scanner (hold Tab ) to find the grate in the wall to the right of the panoramic window.

Wait. The Bolt will get stuck soon. Take the chip from Jackie to take control of the drone. Then proceed as follows:

  1. When you see a room, use the scanner to find another ventilation and point to it "Bolt".
  2. In another room, you will need to distract the cleaning ladies. To do this, hack the terminal to the right of the huge terrarium. Once done, direct the Bolt further.
  3. Try to break open the door. Nothing will come of it. Look to the left of it for a device to connect to the camera of an adjacent room.
  4. Hack it and switch to another camera with the "3" key. Having done this, examine the resident and find the ventilation on the left. Go back to the previous cell and find the grate in the far corner, right in the floor. Point the Bolt there and wait. When he is in the room with the resident, order him to attack the man.

Together with Jackie, get to the penthouse (you will need to sit down and wait; time rewinds automatically), go inside and go to the far corner, where you saw a secret safe when studying the brandance. To open it, use the scanner and look for the button on the bedside table in the opposite part of the room. Take out the safe and connect to it. Having obtained the necessary case with the biochip, go to the elevator. T-Bug will order to hide. Go around the column and hide inside it. Watch a lengthy cut-scene.

Eventually, you will need to leave the hotel. Go outside through the window and move along the parapet until you need to jump down. Jackie will insert himself a biochip, and you will have to get out of the motel. You can do whatever you want. For a covert passage, you should select the moments for the attack and follow the surveillance cameras. Do not forget about the function that allows you to mark opponents (in scanner mode, using the mouse wheel ). Eventually, you will take the elevator down to the lobby. Kill enemies until the " Minotaur " appears . Don't mind him. Walk around the robot and call the elevator to leave the hotel. Immediately run to the car parked in the parking lot. It is pointless to shoot at enemies.

Upon arrival, leave the car and go up to room 214. Talk to Dex, follow his advice to the bathroom and wash yourself. Exit there and watch the video.

Love as a motive (Interlude)

In this mission you will play as Johnny Silverhand . Move along the marker and interact with the microphone. Then get into the helicopter. Shoot opponents on the roof of the tower, then jump down there along with your bag. Follow Murphy and kill enemies. Throw a bag of explosives into the elevator and then shoot the cable holding it. After that, inform Murphy that this is not all, and move to the back room. After loading the information into the system, try to get out. Run up to the elevator and watch the video.

Last sleep

Follow the red silhouette until you can interact with it. Then get out of the pit in the junkyard and wait for V to wake up in the car. Inject a stimulant, then destroy two motorcyclists and one more killer. Call a car to take you to Victor. Talk to him to learn about the biochip's action. Then Misty will drive you home. After sleep, take pills that block neurorecording. Watch the video. This quest will flow smoothly into the second act.

Cyberpunk 2077 Act 2 Walkthrough

Last sleep

To complete additional tasks, open your inventory and equip clothes. Having done this, study the messages on the computer to the right of the entrance. Also go to the cache on the left side of the apartment to find ammunition (interact with the box on the table). Exit the cache and eat / drink food on the tables to the right. Then open the phone with the T key and read the message from the tower. Go outside and run to the diner to meet with Takemura. He wants to convict Yerinoba of killing his father. After talking with Takemura, listen to Johnny. Two new quests are activated - "A Doll's House" and "At the Crossroads".


Go to the Lizzie Club and talk to Judy in the basement. Chat with her, and then go to the "Clouds". Arriving at the club, register with the administrator and pay $ 500 for the doll. Place the weapon in the locker and go to booth # 09. Listen to the doll. In the end, you will need to say the stop word and then try to interrogate the doll. She really doesn't know anything about Evelyn.

Then you have to get to the VIP zone. You can go to the left of the door and break the door using force. Or you can wait until the end of the disputes between the security guard and the client who is not allowed into the VIP zone. Next, one of the visitors will go to the toilet. Follow him, stun the enemy and take the pass. Go to the VIP area. Do not run under any circumstances! Interrogate Tom's doll and then go to Dubman. The door is locked to him, and you will have to use force or technique. If you lack either one or the other characteristics, you will have to move through the room to the left, where there is a lonely enemy. Stun him and make your way to Dubman. Interrogate the man. If you go the way Johnny points out (start saying that Dubman is stealing), then a firefight cannot be avoided. In any case, after killing Dubman, you can get information about Evelyn, by reading the messages on the computer on the desk. Then leave the club. Be sure to pick up someone's firearm, since you left yours at the entrance. And don't forget to pick it up when you leave the Clouds Club. Hear Johnny, who has a plan.

Secret pleasures

Go to the indicated ripper and talk to Judy. Convince patients to let you go ahead using different skills. To do this, first sit down next to. Then interrogate Fingers. He will tell the truth anyway. Exit his office and chat with Judy.


Go to the sex shop and talk to the seller. Tell them you want special videos, then head to the designated dealer. Buy a brain dance from him for $ 1000. Then meet in Judy's car to analyze the recording. First, rewind it while holding down the E key. Three lines appear on the image layer. Examine the pizza box, jumpsuit, and coffee cup in order. If this is not enough, then in the middle of the video switch to the audio scale and inspect the "green" source in the corner of the room. V will understand that the radio has been turned on maximum power. Then Judy and V decide to head to the desired station.

Upon arrival, you can break down gates or doors using force. If you do not have enough strength, climb the ruins of the building near the wrecked car. Make your way to the main building. You can immediately open fire or go around the area in a circle and enter through the side door. When one opponent leaves, distract the other by breaking open a panel nearby. Having done this, hide her body and go downstairs to the basement, along the steps. It was possible not to do all this, but to knock out the door from the side, in the next corridor, but this requires strength. Below you will have to fight opponents. You can still use distraction tactics though. Anyway, find Evelyn with Judy and pull the cable out of her head. At Johnny's request, take a drag on your cigarette or ignore him. This does not affect the passage!

Double life

Go inside, talk to Judy and (optional) Evelyn. Then go to the next room and study the first entry. First, examine the large screen, study the mysterious woman, and then the photographs that Evelyn examines. All the necessary moments are highlighted on the image layer with bold lines. Talk to Judy and study another entry. Switch to the sound layer (green) and scan the person on the phone. Talk to Judy during the analysis so that she downloads the language pack, and then listen to the information again (to start recording from the beginning, hold the R key). After all this, it will remain to listen to Johnny and Judy, and then leave the apartment.

Lost heaven

The task starts following the previous one. Call the designated person and listen to him. After a while, he will call back. Just do something or use the fast travel system a couple of times. After that, head to the Chapel. To quickly move to it, open the map and find the nearest purple marker. These icons mark devices that allow you to quickly move around the city. Unlike many other open-world video games, fast movement requires you to get close to one of these devices and interact with it. Lean on the railing next to the closed chapel, and after a while go inside. Move to the altar until you are stopped by a beggar. He will tell you where to find Placis. Find the man in the mall and follow him. Connect to the system to learn about the task.

Pattern recognition

Move to the GIM shopping center and talk to Placida's people in the parking lot. Having done this, get into the building, arranging a firefight with opponents or bypassing them. Inside the complex itself, go upstairs and move forward. Go around the security camera in the corridor at the moment when the enemy sitting on the box leaves to the side. Having done this, exit at the end of the corridor and move along the main hall along the left side. Hide behind the boxes from opponents until you find the van. Look behind the side door of the van, which will be ajar, and connect to it.

Having done this, go to the right corner (if you look at the end of the hall, and not at the beginning where you came from), enter the elevator shaft and jump up the boxes and beams. Finish off several opponents and try to sneak up behind the head of the bandits. A hidden attack from behind will allow you to inflict significant damage on the enemy, but it will not work to instantly kill her. After the victory, go up to the agent and listen to him. He really speaks the truth. Placid wants to throw you. But even if you decide to fulfill Placis's request, you will still survive. This is probably due to the biochip. I nevertheless neutralized Placis, and then went outside from the State Historical Museum. Outside, Placis's men will be waiting. Agree to have them take you to him. Get in the back seat and wait. On arrival, chat with Placide and Brigitte. The latter will offer to check the biochip in the crypt - the secret hideout of the Voodooists.

Human factor

Everything is simple here: follow Brigitte, listen to her and dive into the bathroom. Once in the Digital Fortress, talk to Brigitte until you find yourself in Johnny's body.

Beauty does not die

Take your pills, watch the cutscene and talk to Alt. Fight opponents on the street until Johnny is injured. Chat with Milt Nauman. Next there will be a segment, during which you must break into the building of " Arasaki", Kill several enemies and free Alt. Towards the end of the path there will be an armored door: go up and interact with it so that Thompson will set the explosives. And at the very end there will also be a mini-boss. Stay under cover and aim for his head. After interacting with Alt, listen to Brigitte and go behind the Black Veil. When you meet Alt, you will learn about everything. She agrees to help, but she needs access to Mikoshi's technology. Decide what to do with the Voodooists, and then go outside. You can take your pills right away or chat with Johnny and find out why he is fighting Arasaki.

At the crossroads

Go to the "Afterlife" and talk to the Bestia. She will share information, but only if you pay her $ 15,000. That is, there is no other way to complete this task and learn about Anders! As soon as you collect the required amount (by completing all the previous plot tasks, and not particularly obsessing, I collected this money, so by the time I met the Beast, I had it in my hands; I think you will have a similar situation). When you pay Bestia, sit down at the bar and wait a while. Listen to the Beast again and then call Panam Palmer. Drive to the meeting point with the girl, and after the conversation, sit in the passenger seat.

Chat with Mitch and Scorpio, follow Panam and take the box. Take it to the car and drive to your destination. If you could convince Mitch with Scorpio, then they will help you. Scan any three devices, then examine the transformer and power supply. And then go into the building by knocking out a door or breaking a window (for which no power is needed). Inside, activate the power grid and then go up to the roof and wait. When enemies arrive, turn on the lights at the intersection. You can try to act stealthily or attack in the open. After taking the key from the driver, get into the car. Move to the passenger seat and talk to Panam. It turns out she wants to kill Nash. Agree to help. The girl will take you to the den, where you will have to kill a dozen opponents. Use cover actively. Drive with her to the meeting place with Sixth Street, and then sit at the bar. With one room off, follow Panama and go to bed.

When you leave, turn off the light

Leave the room and chat with Panam in the garage. Get into the car and drive to the place of the assignment. On the way, connect to the turret and shoot at several targets, which the girl herself talks about. Upon arrival, destroy the three flying drones, and then enter the building. Activate three panels and drive away. Once on a hill, wait for the avi to appear. And then press the detonator three times. Follow the avi, destroy several small drones, and then scan the area of ​​the fall. Examine all selected objects. If Panam and V are discussing something, just wait for some objects to become active again. The main thing is to examine the avi with a turret, opponents and the captured Mitch.


Go to the crash site of the vehicle, destroy all robots and drones. To disable the turret, you need to interact with the panel on the side of the airplane. I suggest turning off the turret first, and then tackling the rest of the targets. Save Mitch by opening the airplane door and then scan (hold TAB) the tracks of the vehicles. Get on a motorcycle and go for holograms. Destroy opponents on the runway. See the turrets? If you have enough skill, you can remove the weapon from the turret. After killing each enemy, keep following the van holograms. Arriving at the gas station, destroy the enemies, get inside and talk to Anders. Pull it out and place it next to the motorcycle. End your communication with Panama. Interrogate Anders and hand him over to Takemura.

Old friends

Quests will become available after you leave Fingers during the "Secret Pleasures" mission. However, do not rush to carry it out. First, complete all previous missions. When you complete all the tasks above, go to Takemura. Lean on the fence and then listen to Takemura. Then Oda will appear, but it will not work to convince him. However, Takemura learns about the parade, which will be the daughter of the late king. Agree to travel to your destination with Takemura. Talk to Wakako, who will tell you about the parade. Then end the meeting with Takemura. He will promise to call the next day.

You can open the map and find the "white building" icon. He points to V's apartment. Go there and go to bed. Each interaction with the bed rewinds the time 6 hours ahead. In addition, for Takemura to call, you may have to leave the apartment and go downstairs to the street. The task will end immediately.

On soft paws

Move to the indicated place and find an elevator that takes you to the Japantown market. Talk to Takemura and then make your way to the guard room. You can use force on the door or climb onto the visor on the left and get inside through the ventilation grill with the EXIT sign. Either way, you have to connect to your computer and hack the system. After that, go to Takemura and have lunch. Agree to go with him to the industrial complex. If you refuse, you will have to get to your destination on your own, which will slow down the passage of "Cyberpunk 2077". Especially if you are solely focused on the storyline.

Follow Takemura and take the elevator. Get in a comfortable position and start scanning any selected objects while holding TAB . Rewind dialog phrases with the C key . After talking with Takemura, leave the construction site and then head to the industrial complex. There are two entrances. Better to try to wade through the far. Use a hack to disable your CCTV camera. Also distract a lone enemy. Try to act covertly, as raising the alarm, even on normal difficulty, will lead to significant trouble. Having penetrated the territory, enter the hangar through the indicated door and jump into the main hall, breaking the window. Get to the computer and hack the platform, and then get out of the building, climbing the containers, through the roof.


Then you will need to wait again for a call from Takemura. Rewind the time in V's apartment a couple of days ahead (sleep 5-6 times on the bed), and then go outside. Take a ride around the city and Takemura will probably call you back. When this happens, head to the Japantown market and listen to Takemura's plan. Agree to wait. At the start of the parade, move to the first sniper. In fact, it is completely unnecessary to act completely secretly. You can kill enemies with firearms in open combat. Just remember: as soon as you kill the first enemy, most of the rest will be aware of your presence.

Move to the first marker and eliminate the sniper on the opposite side of the street. It is not difficult to get to it. But there will be a trap along the way. Watch your step and watch out for red laser beams. These are mines that kill instantly. You can take them apart if you have enough technology, or jump over the lasers. Another option is to shoot at the red panels that emit a laser beam.

Having done this, follow the direction of the elevator and go up to the balcony of the 21st floor. Then find the fire escape leading upstairs, climb it and go to the opposite side. Go down the ledges, avoiding drones. Kill the second sniper, and then get to the third. Don't forget about booby traps! Having eliminated both snipers, go to the netrunner. Pull the cable out of his head and the boss will appear.

You have to eliminate Oda, the personal bodyguard of Arasaki's daughter. This is a dangerous opponent, and even at the normal level of difficulty, problems can arise with him. Therefore, before embarking on this task, I recommend going through several side missions and pumping your character, weapons, implants, and so on.

How to defeat Oda

  1. Oda can fight in close combat using her powerful blades. He does this quickly, constantly chasing and pressing you. In these moments, I would recommend using a similar tactic: choose some strong melee weapon, try to dodge, block attacks and counterattack.
  2. When he gets bored, he will switch to submachine guns and start moving from platform to platform, especially after your attacks. Now the best thing to do is use some powerful firearm. For example, a shotgun or a sniper rifle. After one shot from such a weapon, Oda will move to a new position.
  3. Finally, at some point, Oda will use invisibility. 9 out of 10 times in my case, he hid in the same place. If you stand with your back to the netrunner - in the far left container. You will be able to recognize Oda by the two blades glowing red. So at this moment, he not only hides, but also restores his health reserve. Therefore, you need to get to the enemy as soon as possible and finish him off.

After defeating Oda, load the CCTV camera, disable security systems and watch the video of Takemura. Run away and leave Japantown. Takemura will immediately contact you and tell you where to look for him.

Apartment 303

Get to the indicated place and knock on the door four times. Listen to Takemura and then sit in the chair across from Hanako. Tell her everything, and after the explosion, escape from the building. It is not necessary to kill anyone, just go around all the enemies. Once outside, you will automatically be transported to a motel outside the city. When a stranger arrives, sit opposite her and talk to Hanako. End the quest with a conversation with Johnny.

For whom the Bell Tolls

After losing consciousness, chat on all topics with Johnny, follow the balcony and climb into the room through the window. Get the army tokens from the cache and talk to Silverhand. The third act will begin shortly after leaving the room.

Cyberpunk 2077 Act 3 Walkthrough

For whom the Bell Tolls

Go to Coals. The game will warn you that after entering the restaurant, all side actions will be temporarily blocked. Until the moment you complete the storyline. So, going upstairs, talk about various topics with Hanako. Get out of the restaurant, causing V to pass out.

You will find yourself in Victor's workshop. Listen to him, take the pills and talk to Misty. Follow her to the roof, sit in a chair and say goodbye. Now you have an important decision to make. Here you can finish everything by getting one of the bad endings. To do this, when it becomes possible to take omega blockers, choose the second option (You can end it all right now). If you do this and confirm the decision by throwing away the pills, V will commit suicide, and Johnny will partially agree with this. You will see the end credits with videos addressed to V from his friends. After that, it will be possible to load the game from save before meeting with Hanako. If you are taking omega blockers, go downstairs and talk to Misty. Step outside upon Hellman's arrival. In the end, you will find yourself in the residence where Hanako is being held. Stun the first guard.

Beginning of the End

You are interested in four elite opponents and a netrunner located inside the mansion. Outside there are ordinary enemies and a robot - it is best to get around them along the right edge of the yard. After penetrating the building, inspect all rooms and eliminate targets. If you want to act in accordance with Hanako's request, then choose the stun options. There will be a netrunner in the building next door. When everyone is finished, go up to the second floor and talk to Hanako. Go with her to the air.

Brother and sister

Follow the woman inside the complex. Chat with Saburo Arasaki, and then rise together to the "Jungle" level. Here you will meet with the board of directors. Sit in a chair and tell them what Brother Hanako did. Having done this, eliminate all enemies, run to the elevator and go upstairs. To go up to the CEO's office, you need to follow the stairs to the third floor. You can do this without a fight: just hope for luck and run past your opponents. Upstairs, clear the room from elite opponents. You can shoot them with a sniper rifle. A netrunner will be connected soon, making it easier to eliminate targets. And then there will be a room with Adam Smasher.

Perhaps this is really the most difficult opponent in the game:

  1. Like Oda, Adam uses melee strikes and firearms. It is advisable to hide from firearms behind the columns.
  2. When attacking the enemy, try to aim at his right hand, from which he shoots at you.
  3. As soon as she is destroyed, the second stage of the battle begins. Adam will increasingly run away from you and jump on a hill. At these moments, side niches with two turrets will open, two ninjas and one enemy with a machine gun will appear. Killing these opponents is not difficult.
  4. There will be two niches and two sets of listed enemies in total. Smasher himself will try to attack you from a distance using a rocket launcher on his shoulder. I never managed to shoot her, but perhaps there is still some sense in these attempts.
  5. Periodically, Adam will go down, but if you have ammo, instead, keep top positions and shoot the enemy.
After the victory, go to Yerinobu's office, talk to him and follow Andres Hellman by Hanako's orders.

Far from home

A long series of tests awaits you. In the end, V will want to throw out his emotions, and after this pogrom, Anders will appear, who will offer to transfer V's mind to a biochip. You will have an option with two endings: agree to a mind transfer, or return to Earth to spend the remaining days there.

These are not all the endings of the game. There are many more, and we will tell you more about obtaining each in a separate guide!

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