Dead by Daylight: The Killer Animal List - Who is the Best?

Dead by Daylight: The Killer Animal List - Who is the Best?

 Which killer is good in Dead by Daylight and which one should you avoid? Our animal list reveals it.

Dead by Daylight has changed massively in recent years. Where there were only a few cards, killers and perks at the beginning, a lot of content has accumulated over the last few years. Numerous game mechanics have been revised or expanded and in direct comparison to the release in June 2016, hardly anything is like it was before.

The number of killers in particular has increased dramatically - there are now 22 of them.

But which killer is objectively good at his job and which is currently below average? In order to create an overview, we have created a list of animals in this post, which ranks all killers with reasons.

Important: This tier list is based on the basic strength of a killer - i.e. only his skills. The position in the list can shift through the use of suitable perks and addons. The list is current for patch 4.4.2 of Dead by Daylight and was updated on December 21, 2020.

And basically: Don't get discouraged just because your favorite killer has not been classified here as you would like it to be. With the right perks, addons, and skilled hands, any killer can spoil the survivors' day.

Tier S: The overpowering killers

Nurse: The nurse runs "out of competition" in Dead by Daylight. Although it has the slowest movement speed of all killers, it can ignore almost all of the survivors' mechanics. With her teleport she can slide through windows, pallets and other obstacles.

While it is by far the most difficult killer to learn, it has the greatest potential - but not suitable for beginners. it is now just a tad more difficult to learn, but still unbeaten in skilled hands.

Tier A: The strong killers

Ghost : Spirit has had to go through some nerfs , but is still a more than solid killer. With Yamaoka's spook, she can invisibly approach the survivors or simply fake the ability to use it without actually doing so. Anyone who likes exciting mind games and likes to treat the survivors with moments of shock will have fun and success with Spirit.

Nightmare: Since his rework, Freddy Krueger has been one of the most powerful killers and currently has the highest kill rate. Thanks to its teleportation, it can quickly get to generators and cover large distances. His dream traps allow him to cut off survivors' path and slow them down so he can catch up quickly. Once the worst killer is now a really tough choice.

Executioner: The Executioner made a strong start. He can fence in areas and put a special debuff on unwary survivors that allow him to take special actions. Then he does not have to hook survivors, but can teleport them directly into torture cages or even kill them immediately - rescue is then impossible. However, this debuff can be avoided relatively easily. Since the Executioner can also cause damage at medium distance, it still remains solid. It has been significantly stronger since a few buffs.

Oni : The Oni is the first "Samurai" in Dead by Daylight and counts as balanced. Although he has a strong "onehit" mechanic with a rush that is as powerful as the hillbilly (even better in some aspects), he cannot use his ability permanently. Anyone who invests time in the Oni, however, becomes a real killing machine with it. Hardly any killer punishes mistakes as strongly as the Oni and only a few can build up such a threatening presence.

Tier B: The balanced killers

Witch (Hag): The Hag is extremely good at quickly cutting off annoying loops and decorating important points with her traps. This forces the survivors to move slowly or to reveal their position, which in turn enables the witch to teleport to a tripped trap. However, it requires a lot of practice, because survivors can also set the traps permanently, which can shake their map control a little.

Ghostface: Ghostface has many parallels to the converter, but can make its terror radius disappear completely at the push of a button and thus sneak up on the whole match. At the same time, its ability to put Survivors in "Vulnerable" status is a little weaker because it can be canceled by Survivors. But it is almost infinitely possible to put survivors in this state. That makes Ghostface a rock-solid choice; it is easy to shock survivors with it.

Huntress (Slayer): The Slayer is slower than many other killers, but can cause damage over a distance. Experienced players can throw it precisely over barriers, which is why it is difficult to loop. However, you can hear the Slayer from a very long distance, so a keen eye (or suitable perks) are necessary to locate the survivors. However, its high precision and range make it a unique threat.

Cannibal: Since its revision and the new chainsaw, the cannibal has been a really solid killer who can also dominate the basement outside of the “camper” strategy. It may take a little practice to control the chainsaw's charges and overheating, but then the cannibal can take one kill after another.

Hillbilly: No other killer can hike through the various maps as quickly and repeatedly as the hillbilly. This enables it to apply a lot of pressure, even if the generators are far apart. His chainsaw takes practice, but is a reliable tool for knocking down survivors in one fell swoop. The noise of the saw unsettles many newcomers and leads them to make mistakes. But since the overheating mechanics, the killer has gotten a little weaker.

Doctor: The doctor recently got a little rework and no longer has to switch between two postures, but has lost his passive aura of madness. He can now spread a targeted shock in his entire terror radius and thus hit many survivors at the same time. He's still pretty good at keeping survivors off little loops. Recently his add-ons were revised, which now only bring positive effects for the killer. He's turned into a pretty strong killer.

Todesbote  Deathslinger: The Messenger of Death has been in Dead by Daylight for some time and landed right in the solid midfield. Due to his long-range combat ability, he is well able to pursue fleeing survivors and quickly end chases. Pallets often have to be used early on against the messenger of death in order to be able to save oneself. However, the messenger of death has little map pressure and slow movement speed, which is why it only ends up in the B tier.

The Shape (converter): The Shape or better known as "Michael Myers" is a rock-solid killer with a very small terror radius (or no terror radius at all in Malice I). This allows him to sneak up on survivors. Thanks to his ability to spontaneously switch to "Malice III" and bring down survivors with one blow, he is well suited for chain reactions that dismantle an entire team. However, he first has to develop this ability by almost motionless observation of the survivors, which takes time.

Tier C: The weak killers

Rot (Blight) : The rot is a pretty unusual killer. Although he has a charge, he must first run against objects or walls in order to start a second attack that can cause damage. This makes it difficult to predict, but also difficult to control. Skilled survivors evade it quite simply, but the rot can quickly travel across the whole map and thus build up permanent pressure.

Plague: The plague got off to an extremely strong start and then became progressively weaker. This is not because of you, but mainly because of the survivors. She can make the survivors sick and thus defeat them with one blow, but survivors can deny her the special ability by simply never healing themselves at a well. This then leads to the plague becoming a normal "melee killer".

Pig: The pig is one of the most popular killers in the community, but has been nerfed again and again - sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. Since the "Endgame Collapse" began, their traps have unfortunately become much weaker, as they are no longer of any use after the last generator has been ignited. Matches pass faster than ever before, so that the pig may not even get around to using all of its traps.

Legion: The Legion continues to be one of the worst killers in Dead by Daylight. This is mainly because Legion cannot do one thing with its ability: catch survivors and bring them down. His ability is good at tracking down and wounding survivors, but he can never use it to hook a survivor. Here he has to rely on normal melee attacks, which basically makes him a basic killer.

Twins: The twins are the newest killer in Dead by Daylight and are practically "2 in 1". You can switch between Victor and Charlotte, who have different skills. While Charlotte is a base killer, Victor can be placed to spy on the survivors or to attack them himself. However, Victor is susceptible to attacks by the survivor, which is why he can be temporarily switched off and then leaves Charlotte without additional strength.

Demogorgon: The Demogorgon provided a boost to players in Dead by Daylight, but could not convince particularly well. Although he can quickly end chases with his ability to jump, his portals are in many cases useless. The cooldown is too long and he has no way of relocating his portals himself. If a large part of the portals is in an area of ​​the map in which there are no more generators, then almost half of its capabilities are missing.

Tier D: The very weak killers

Clown: The clown has fallen somewhat in favor of players in recent months. Basically it's pretty solid, but its tonic just can't keep up with many other forms of slowing down. It doesn't even help with the right loops, which is why he is in many cases a "melee attack" killer with no special ability. However, with the right addons, it can be a solid threat.

Trapper: The boom since the Trapper was overhauled has gone. His traps can no longer be switched off permanently and he is able to reactivate traps lying on the ground immediately - but that doesn't help. He just needs too much time to prepare the field. When all the traps are in place, a good half of the generators have already been repaired. This is mainly due to the fact that he still has to boot all over the map to find his traps in the first place.

Spirit (Wraith): While the spirit is masterful at sneaking up unnoticed, it suffers from its long activation time to get out of stealth. Vigilant survivors have already fled. Although he gets a small speed boost after ending the stealth, this is usually completely cushioned by the long "ding-dong" animation. That makes him a killer who can only do one thing in the raw - normal attacks.

Do you agree with this animal list of killers? Or do you have a completely different perception of the strength of the killers?

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