With the latest update of Destiny 2, there was the introduction of the Beyond the Light DLC. With it, there have been many changes including the appearance of  a small kiosk with some exotic weapons . These are equipment that is no longer obtainable, due to the swallowing of some planets by the darkness. Oh yes, there is lore behind it ! To overcome the problem of not being able to receive essential weapons such as the  Burden of Izanagi  or Anarchy , Bungie has decided to set up a kiosk to receive the exotics prior to the latest expansion. The price to pay, however, will be quite high, in fact in addition to150,000 units of Lumen, an exotic message and some resources from different planets, you will have to draw on a new  currency.


The two best weapons for PvE are definitely  Izanagi's Burden and  Anarchy . The first can be easily received by exchanging it for Lumen, resources that can be found on the Cosmodrome and other small things. As for the arc grenade launcher, which is extremely powerful and essential for a lot of PvE activities, it will be  far more difficult to obtain . In fact we will need some "coins" called  Spoils of Conquest , obtainable only through raids , commonly called raids. But there is a way to get them solo too! Are you wondering how? Well, in a few simple steps!

Step 1 :  Clear the raid entrance . So far everything simple, just shoot to kill all the fallen (or eliksni) present in the entrance of the raid. Progress is fairly linear, so you can't go wrong!

Step 2 :  Reach the first red bubble . In the first part of the raid, there will be a race with goshawks against a snow storm. To survive, you'll need to go from bubble to bubble to receive protection and cancel the Freeze debuff that would otherwise kill you. Arrived at the first bubble, you will have to follow the third step.

Step 3 :  Use glitches to your advantage . Yes, Destiny 2 has glitches! In fact, you just need to approach the goshawk just outside the bubble, and then  climb directly from inside it , to receive the Storm Protection buff permanently. From here, just follow a certain path to reach  the first hidden chest of the raid.

Step 4 : Continue until the first meeting . In the first meeting room, which you will reach quite easily since you just have to follow a linear path, there is a small spot where we can take advantage of a bug to  jump off the map and progress in the raid . The way we can abuse it is quite simple to be honest, we just need to jump from one side of a door to the other and advance outside the stage. Don't worry, the entire route is shown in the video!

Step 5 :  Go down the map until activating the "Clarity Control", that is the loading of the area with the statue. There is a small area with a depiction of Vel in the raid, and we will have to go far enough to activate it. There is no exact point at which this event can be  triggered unfortunately. After completing this step as well, you will have to go back up, and this could be difficult.

Step 6: Go back up . This part could be a little tricky. In the video, we are shown that it will be enough to jump calmly and on a pipe that seems to be placed there on purpose. Arrived in an area with a large white building, we will have to go down and follow the path shown to us by Esoterickk .

Step 7 : This point will be a bit tricky, as  we will have to find a small hole in the wall , obviously glitched, to return to the grate and the normal raid path. We will find ourselves in the external area, in the middle of space, and we will have to jump following the original foray until we land comfortably on the trunk.

In about 4 weeks, we will be able to stack all the Spoils of Conquest we need, following this path with all 3 of our characters. However, completing the raid with all its bosses  will make us drop more "coins" and therefore we could complete it much faster . We assure you that all this fuss over a weapon like Anarchy, well, it's really worth it.

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