Destiny 2: New update fixes Exotics and problems - preview of the patch notes

Destiny 2: New update fixes Exotics and problems - preview of the patch notes

In Destiny 2 is on 8 December, the biggest update since Beyond Light. This causes bugs on the collar, but there is also a long-desired comfort function, but a little different than desired.

On November 10, 2020, the wait of many Guardians was finally over and Beyond Light went live. The expansion hit like a bomb, even if there were teething problems . In the following weeks there were fixes and small updates at regular intervals.

This is on in Destiny 2: In a few days, on December 8th, the first full, "real" update to Destiny 2 will be released. Update 3.0.1. is quite large and can be as large as 1.5 GB or even 70 GB depending on the platform.

This is what you can expect right on time for the next Weekly Reset:

  • Destiny 2 receives its extensive improvements for PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.
  • Numerous fixes and minor issues are addressed.
  • We are screwing on three of the new Exotics
  • You can accept forays from vendors without visiting them.
  • The first iron banner of season 12 starts.
  • The popular endgame activity " Prophecy Dungeon " returns with a lace lot.
  • And the crucible becomes a little more gracious.

Okaygotcha gives you an outlook on the highlights of the announced changes and has a look at the patch notes.

Patch Notes Preview 3.0.1 Destiny 2

This is what happens with the new Exotics: Beyond Light brought 2 new Exo armors each for hunters, warlocks and titans . 3 of the unique armor will be changed

Bakris mask (hunter):

  • Improved readability of the visual effect - this means that enemy Guardians can now see more clearly when a hunter with the Exotic is jumping at them.
  • The item description is adjusted to correctly name the damage bonus: The additional damage does not work against Guardians, only PvE enemies - this applies to arc weapon damage and damage against slowed and frozen enemies.
  • Stasis players in the Crucible and Gambit no longer take damage (this was a bug).
Necrotic Handle (Warlocks):

  • If you were killed by the poison damage of the exotic, you got the message "Eliminated by the architects" - that is a thing of the past with Update 3.0.1.
Ice avalanche overcoat (titanium):

  • Due to a bug, the description of the exotic does not mention that a slowdown field is created when the protection is triggered. The additional effect is now added for everyone to see.

Patch notes in a fast run: We give you a summary of the most important changes of the update 3.0.1. For the full preview, visit the Bungie page on here.

  • The new contract sniper rifle can finally be pulled from the collection. If you have disassembled it or infused it, you can regain it.
  • Your collection should no longer "forget" which page you were on when you previewed an item. In addition, armor mods now name the correct source in the collection and you get the right class for badges.
  • The Mercy Rule in the Crucible no longer triggers prematurely - this rule graciously ends games with an unrecoverable difference in points instead of having to endure the shame any longer.
  • The Exo kiosk no longer flashes continuously, even if you have all the Exotics.
  • The new entry for "New Light" keepers and veterans has been eased by a few problems. So if you had problems there, you can continue to play relaxed after the update

Bungie also has a long list of known issues they are working on. For example, color-blind guardians will soon have fewer problems tracking down those who are born angry.

Destiny 2 is getting a long desired feature - but only in the app for now

The Companion App will soon be able to do that: Together with the 3.0.1 update, the “Destiny Companion App” for Android and IOS will also receive an adaptation:

  • You can finally accept forays from NPCs without having to visit them.
  • That then works with your smartphone.
  • At first, this only works if you are offline, in the tower or in orbit.
  • If you want to find out more about the useful functions of the official companion app for Destiny 2 , you will find it here.

It is still unclear whether the function will also be integrated later in the game itself. The Guardians have been demanding this for a long time . With a retailer, this is even possible: The Everversum - this can be conveniently accessed via the menu at any time.

Are you looking forward to the changes and do you think it's good that Destiny 2 has been so generously supplied with fixes and updates since the start of Beyond Light? The veterans in particular know completely different intervals.

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