Destiny 2: So goes the exotic quest "How the crow flies" for Falkenmond

Destiny 2: So goes the exotic quest "How the crow flies" for Falkenmond

In Destiny 2 you can now get the new weapon exotic Falkenmond (Hawkmoon). MeinMMO explains to you how this works and where you can find all the hidden feathers for it.

It's all about this exotic weapon: The Guardians have waited a long time, but now the popular Destiny 1 exotic "Falcon Moon" is back . The 140 handgun returns in a revised form and no longer relies on the luck factor:

  • For every precise hit or kill, you collect stacks that give the last bullet in the magazine bonus damage.
  • The damage can go through the roof and even send enemy guardians into the virtual afterlife with just one hit and knock everything apart except bosses in PvE.
  • In addition, Falkenmond is the first exotic to come with random rolls.

Before you can try out this new toy, you have to master a number of tasks and quests. MeinMMO gives you all the important information in this article and shows you the locations of all necessary collectibles in this guide.

Are there any requirements for this? Yes. You must have Season 12, the Season of the Hunt . This is the only way you can tackle the multi-part quest around the Falkenmond handgun and capture the exotic.

This is how you start the Exo-Quest: Make your way to the NPC Spider. You can find the black market dealer in his usual hideaway in the Tangled Bay. Talk to Spider and grab the quest "How the crow flies" from him.

Now you have to find 5 golden feathers all over the solar system. And then complete a whole series of missions for Crow (Uldren) . So plan an evening or two.

Destiny 2: Find all 5 paracausal feathers for Falcon Moon

The golden feathers that you should now collect are not displayed via quest markers. In the quest overview, however, you will receive a cryptic information about the location.

Spring 1 in the Tangled Bay:

  • The first feather can be found right near Spider in the Tangled Bay.
  • Directly at the entrance to his hiding place, where you have to get off the Sparrow, is the feather on a box with a fallen symbol.
  • If you come fresh from Spider, leave his hiding place and shortly before the exit is the box with the feather on your left.

Spring 2 in the ETZ on Earth:

  • Go to the northeastern area “The Mud” in the European Death Zone (ETZ) - just use the fast travel point.
  • Shortly before the Lost Sector “Consecrated Bay” you will see a metal structure protruding from a factory building on a hill.
  • Jump onto the rusty platform and collect the second feather there.

Spring 3 in the cosmodrome:

  • Select the cosmodrome on earth and land in the area "The Steppe"
  • The third spring is located directly at your spawn point.
  • Just jump on the pillar (or the piece of wall) in front of you - you can see the spaceships of the cosmodrome in the background.
  • Up here you will find the object of desire.

Spring 4 in the dreaming city:

  • When you land in the dreaming city, you are in the area “Divianic Mists” - here is also the fourth spring.
  • Drive to the central gate in the rock face, which you can see from afar.
  • Directly on the left in the archway to the Blind Spring you will find the feather on a ledge.

Feather 5 on the moon:

  • Land in the "sanctuary" on the moon.
  • Your destination is the Shrine of Oryx
  • To do this, you have to go to the “Schützenlinie” area and through the dilapidated building with the dome - this is the entrance to the Schar cave system.
  • Climb deeper and deeper into the “Hall of Wisdom”.
  • Here you turn left into the long tunnel with the many tubes
  • You are now in the "Shrine of Oryx". Follow the tunnel further and further to a round room.
  • Next to the small stairs on the left you will finally find the fifth feather on the dark floor.

You have now completed the quest "How you fly a crow". But you don't have Falkenmond for a long time. Now you have to master the quest series "Open your talons".

This is what Krähe wants from you in the quest "Open your claws"

Then visit Crow in the Tangled Bay. There are some collecting and kill tasks as well as two missions. You will be supported with waypoints and a golden hawk to show you the way.

Have you completed the individual missions, it goes back to the crow in the confused bay. Here you always get the next order. MeinMMO shows you briefly all orders and gives you tips.

Step 1 - complete the mission “Scream from the Beyond”: Fly into the area “The Mud” in the ETZ. Here you can find the golden falcon via the quest marker, where you start the mission in the recently discovered area .

Create or collect 50 spheres of power :

  • Use masterpiece weapons and your super
  • You can do that quickly in the Blind Spring.
  • Alternatively, in the melting pot from December 8th until December 15th Witch cauldron active - here it goes very quickly as a warlock (fountain) or titanium (bubble)

Collect 5 feathers again - this time all in the ETZ :

  • Follow your quest marker into the "Trostland" of the ETZ.
  • Right behind the church you can find the golden falcon up in a collapsed house.
  • Follow the door behind the bird and go into the "reservoir".
  • You see a sewer pipe here, follow the course and you will see 4 of the 5 springs clearly marked.
  • The 5th feather waits after a boss fight at the end of the location (where the boss from the "Lake of Shadows" strike is)
The boss is protected by a shield. Done his possessed adds and throw the balls (relics) left behind at the boss, so you break his protection.

Defeat Champions or Guardians:

  • Kill either 200 Guardians in PvP or Gambit
  • Or about 35 champions (each gives you around 3%).
The fastest way to do this is to start an empire hunt for 1,220. Around 6 champions lie in wait for you per activity and you don't need 10 minutes for a run.

This is how you forge the Falkenmond: The last mission sends you back to the new area of ​​the ETZ. This time the recommended power level is 1,220. Make sure that you have free inventory space for your kinetic weapons.

Now you follow the golden hawk again - it always shows you where to maneuver along. But now you have to master some tricky jumps.

  • So pack your movement exotics or increase your mobility.
  • You can also use a sword to leave the first person perspective.
  • If you want to build platforms with the new stasis glacier grenade, you can also try it.
  • At the end there is a longer fight against the possessed - again you have to kill small opponents and throw the balls you left behind at the enemies with shields.

During the fight you will receive Falcon Moon. Kill the last opponents and the boss with it.

Did you find our guide helpful and have you already won Falkenmond? What do you think of the exotic revolver? Can the new edition keep up with your nostalgic memories?

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