Diona in Genshin Impact: Best Builds and Leveling

Diona in Genshin Impact: Best Builds and Leveling

 In Genshin Impact, Diona is an excellent 4-star support character and a Cryo-class healer. If you are lucky enough to get this archer during the Prayers, then you will probably be interested to know about her best builds, weapons and artifacts. We'll also talk about its benefits and abilities. This information can also be useful for those players who are thinking of taking this lovely barmaid into their team.

Diona's characteristics:


First of all, we note that Diona is a ranged Cryo character, capable of both inflicting good damage and healing her allies. But due to her comparatively low health score, she is somewhat useless as an attacking heroine. It is best used as a healer and for sneaking blows to induce powerful elemental reactions.

  • Kitten Style - Normal Attack: Allows up to 5 consecutive bow shots; Charged Attack: Allows you to make a more accurate aimed shot with increased damage (fired arrow can do cryo damage). When struck in the fall, fires a stream of arrows, striking an area.
  • Frosty claws - deals Cryo damage to enemies and forms a shield; The amount of damage absorbed depends on Diona's maximum health, and the duration depends on the number of icy paws that hit the target. If you hold down the elemental skill button for a long time, the heroine bounces and hits with 5 claws, and the shield created in this case has a 75% bonus to damage absorption.
  • Author's cocktail (ulta) - the character throws an ice bomb that deals Cryo damage in the area. Allies recover health in the frozen area.
  • Secret Menu (Passive) - Ascension 1: Any characters affected by the shield receive a 10% bonus to speed, and their stamina consumption is reduced by 10%.
  • Drunken Booth (Passive Skill) - Exaltation 4: Enemies in the area of ​​effect of the Author's Cocktail receive 10 percent reduced attack power (lasts 15 seconds).
  • At the expense of the institution (passive skill) - Diona has a 12% chance of creating an additional dish with a regenerating effect if the food was cooked perfectly.


As usual, there are several powerful constellations here, but getting them requires a character luck associated with pure randomness.

  • Level 1 - Lingering Aftertaste: Restores 15 Energy at the end of the Signature Cocktail's effects.
  • Level 2 - Shake but Don't Purr: Frost Claws deal 15 percent more damage, and shields have a 15 percent bonus to damage absorption. When the ability hits an enemy, a new shield is created with 50% effectiveness of the original, applied to nearby allies for 5 seconds.
  • Level 3 - Another glass: the level of the Author's Cocktail is increased by 3. The maximum level is 15.
  • Level 4 - The End of the Wine Industry: When Diona is within the range of the Signature Cocktail, all targeted shots charge 60 percent faster.
  • Level 5 - Double Shot with Ice: Increases the level of Frost Claws by 3. The maximum level is 15.
  • Level 6 - We Close: Within the Signature Cocktail's area of ​​effect, all allied characters receive a 30% bonus to healing when their health falls below 50%. Otherwise, they receive 200 points of elemental mastery.

Best builds for Diona:

Best weapon:

You can use a 3-star weapon if needed, which can be upgraded to almost as effective as a 4- or even 5-star weapon. If you are looking for the most suitable bows for Diona, then check out the list below.

  • Favonia War Bow (4-Star) - All critical hits have a 60% chance to produce elemental particles, restoring 6 elemental energy for Diona. In fact, it is the skills of this archer that make her a strong character, so any weapon that can charge them quickly is ideal for her.
  • Ritual Bow (4-Star): Gives a 40% chance to instantly recover your ultimate after hitting enemies with an elemental skill or basic ability. This can only happen once every 30 seconds, but even then, you will be able to use the character's skills much more often.
  • Compound Bow (4-Star): Normal hits and aimed shots increase attack by 4 percent and main attack speed by 1.2 percent for 6 seconds. Folds up to 4 times. Can only fire once every 0.3 seconds. This bow can be crafted.

Best artifacts:

If you are going to use Diona as a healer, we advise you to take the Beloved Young Maiden set, as it not only enhances the character's healing abilities, but also increases their effectiveness for the entire group. You can get this artifact in the "Valley of Memories" dungeon.

  • 2 items: increases hero's healing by 15 percent.
  • 4 items: After using an Elemental Explosion or Elemental Skill, the healing received by all team members is increased by 20 percent for the next 10 seconds.

When creating a support character, we recommend paying attention to the "Ceremony of the Ancient Nobility" set, which increases the effectiveness of her ultimate and strengthens allies. You can get this artifact in the Clear Water and Mountain Cave dungeon. You can also try taking 2 items from "maiden" and 2 items from "nobility".

  • 2 items: Increase Elemental Explosion Damage by 20%.
  • 4 items: When an Elemental Explosion is activated, all team members increase their attack power by 20 percent for 12 seconds.

Combination with other characters:

Diona shows herself best as a support character and a healer, so a good team with her might look like this:

  • Main DPS (Damager): Bay Dou, Reizor (Electro) or Dilyuk (Pyro)
  • Secondary DPS: Fischl (Electro) or Xiang Ling (Pyro)
  • Support: Diona
  • Support: Barbara, Xing Qiu or Tartaglia (Hydro)
Such a combination will allow you to almost always be under the influence of a shield, as well as receive powerful elemental reactions due to the interaction of Cryo with Electro or Pyro element.

Diona leveling:

How to improve skills:

To do this, you will need the following materials:

  • Liberty Teachings, Guides, and Philosophies - can be found in the Forgotten Canyon dungeon on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • Durable, Sharp, or Historic Arrowhead - Loot from Hilichurl marksmen and then upgraded through alchemy.


Here's what you'll need to get the most out of Diona's level:

  • 1st Ascension (Max Level 20) - 1 Shivada Jade Shard, 3 Calla Lilies, 3 Sturdy Arrowheads
  • 2nd Ascension (Max Level 40) - 3 Shivada Jade Fragments, 2 Frost Core, 10 Calla Lilies, 15 Sturdy Arrowheads
  • 3rd Ascension (Max Level 50) - 6 Shivada Jade Fragments, 4 Frost Core, 20 Calla Lilies, 12 Sharp Arrowheads
  • 4th ascension (max level 60) - 3 pieces of Shivada jade, 8 frost core, 30 Calla lilies, 18 sharp arrowheads
  • 5th Ascension (max level 70) - 6 pieces of Shivada jade, 12 frost core, 45 Calla lilies, 12 historical arrowheads
  • 6th Ascension (max level 80) - 6 Shivada Precious Jades, 20 Frost Core, 60 Calla Lilies, 24 Historical Arrowheads
You can get Shivada Jade and Frost Kernels from an elite boss called Cryo Fern. Calla lilies are a local curiosity in Mondstadt.

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