Download Cheat Engine 7.2


Cheat Engine 7.2

A program designed to hack games. Allows you to search in the memory of many running applications for some specific values ​​(cartridges, lives, points), changing these values ​​in memory - we change them in the game.

For convenience, it allows you to save tables of addresses of such values, allowing players to create a kind of trainers in the Cheat Engine environment.


1) Unpack the archive.

2) Run CheatEngine71.exe and follow the instructions of the installer.

Installing in English

1) Copy the contents of the "Eng" folder to the root folder with the installed Cheat Engine program

2) When you start Cheat Engine for the first time, a window will appear prompting you to select the program language.

Select "English" and click "Ok". Restart Cheat Engine.

If for some reason the language selection window does not appear, then go to the Cheat Engine settings.

Select the "Languages" menu, then select "English" and press the "Select Language" button. Restart Cheat Engine.

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