Empire of Sin Class Guide

Empire of Sin Class Guide

The Empire of Sin has a 5 character classes - a mercenary, a crook, a strength, a demolition and a doctor. Each class has its own knowledge and characteristics. 


It is designed for shooting at enemies at short and medium distances. The great thing about this class is that it automatically shoots the enemy when HP drops below 25%.

If you can increase the experience and kills with the pistol, then there are good chances that you will unlock the Quickening.

Take the example of Maria Rodriguez. She is one of the best characters in the Empire of Sin game because when she bleeds out and cannot fight, her trigger is activated. When the strength of one of the team members gets low, he will stand up and destroy them all with SMG, and you will not need to heal her.


Those who belong to the rogue class can use sniper rifles, which is the best weapon for taking out enemies at a great distance. Enemies will be able to use their submachine guns and you can set up camp in the distance and shoot at enemies.

The class has other decent skills as well. Level 1 tide can easily target enemies after emerging from cover. Level 5 Kill Chain will be able to get Action Points again after destroying an enemy.


In Empire of Sun, the Enforcer class is not class 1 and this is due to weapon limitations. But in level 2, you will get some rifles after completing some bonus missions. Their skills are not that impressive, with the exception of the Meat Hook, which can be used at level 5.


This class comes with a pre-packaged grenade. They throw her at a great distance, but there is some drawback because there is a chance that she will hit your teammates.


You will get the healing skill when you are at level 1. The healing skill will disappear after one use, so you will need to keep all characters in full health. Thus, this class becomes invaluable compared to others.

In addition, the ability has a slight expansion, and you can revive the character. Doctors will carry both submachine guns and sniper rifles, and they will act as snipers and healers in the game.

Some other skills will come in handy:

You will have a Life Line at level 2, in which you can give the characters a new life, and when the characters lose health, they will simply bleed out with this. So when the Doctor is next to you, you will not have problems with the boss.

A medication at level 3 will give you some healing ability after a regenerative effect.

At level 4, you have Cold Efficiency, which ensures you have an extra shot if you miss the previous one.

The Miracle Elixir that you get at level 5 will restore your HP and AP twice.

Distribution of roles

You can check the roles of the characters in the game by pressing the R button on the character panel. Three roles are described below:

Moles: Through them you can penetrate your opponents.

Deputy Boss: With him you will have to pay less to members of the faction. It depends on the character's leadership qualities.

Advisors: With these, you can increase the loyalty of your teammates, and this will depend on the characteristics of the persuasion.

As for the moles, you'll have to hide the characters for a long time, and you'll also have to pay them half a year. They will take their place. Their actions will depend on the class:

Mercenary: Kills the boss of the opponents.

Enforcer: Helps steal some money.

Doctor: Disguises enemies.

Demolitions: Will detonate the charge.

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