Empire of Sin - Mafia Bosses

Empire of Sin - Mafia Bosses

The Empire of Sin has 14 different bosses, from which players can choose one to play. Each mafia boss has special fighting skills, as well as imperial and diplomatic bonuses that will affect your organization in a certain way. 

Below we have listed all the bosses and all the information about them.

Mafia boss


Combat skill

Empire Bonus

Diplomatic bonus

Al Capone


Rain of Fire: Shoot enemies with a lot of bullets. Enemies hit will be slowed down and take area damage. Lasts until you get hit or your next turn.

Brewing Production cost will be reduced by 20%.

The cost of Brothels will be reduced by 20%.

Stronger Ties: Gives +1 to the passive rating of a faction when it is in a pact of defense with the mafia.

Frankie Donovan


Unleash Rage: Deal multiple melee strikes against enemies. Killing an enemy will restore Rage and AP, but drain stamina.

Brewing Production cost will be increased by 5%.

Speakisi's cost will be reduced by 20%.

The past must be forgotten: gives -50% negative effect from previous wars with other factions.

Angelo Jenna

Jenna's crime family

Knife Joke: Start attacking enemies by throwing knives.

Provides 1 additional brewery security.

Speakisi upgrade cost reduced by 5%.

At your service: Increases the rating of a faction by 100 and the level of honor by 50, while observing peace treaties.

Goldie Garneau

Fortune tellers

Queen Assassin: Marks enemies and then shoots the marked enemies. Also increases the chance of getting critical hits.

Speakisi's earnings will increase by 5%.

Casino upgrade cost reduced by 5%.

Growth Opportunity: Reduces the likelihood of a threat by 50% in common areas.

Sai Wing Mock

Hip Sing Tong

Deadly Flowers: Throw several poison bombs at selected locations.

Provides 1 additional brothel guard.

The cost of casino games will decrease by 20%.

Enemy of My Enemy: Rank and Honor are not reduced when trading with the enemies of your business partners.

Maggie Dyer

Circus of the White City

Lion Tamer: Pull and knock down enemies with the whip.

Brothel security cost reduced by 20%.

Speakisi raid chance reduced by 25%.

Heartbroken Kid: Lose only 50% of your faction rating when you break business deals and agreements.

Dionne O'Bannion

Mafia Northside

Blasphemy: Allows you to fire explosive shotgun projectiles to knock enemies back. Also destroys enemy armor.

Brewery upkeep cost reduced by 15%.

Speakeasy cost reduced by 20%.

Defector: The duration of the truce is reduced by 50%. The complexity of organizing a business increases by 20%.

Salazar Reina

Los Haijos os De La Llorona

Santa Muerte: Hit enemies with two revolvers.

Brewery cost reduced by 20%.

Casino revenue increased by 10%.

Bounty Hunter: Killing other bosses reduces the chance of a threat by 50%.

Daniel McKee

Jackson Weiss Kings

Last Rites: Allows you to fire a pistol from the entire clip at an enemy. If an enemy dies before the magazine runs out, the fire moves to the other enemy.

Brothel attack chance reduced by 25%.

Casino earnings increased by 20%.

Founding Father: When you have a large squad, threat generation is reduced by 25%.

Frank Ragen

Ragen's Colts

Home Run: Run to the target to shoot it down. If the knocked down target dies, another nearby enemy is hit.

The brewery's production increased by 5%.

Speakeasy upkeep cost reduced by 15%.

Strength in Numbers: When your faction has 6+ members, threat generation is reduced by 20%.

Mabel Riley

Alley of cats

Rogue Shot: Allows you to mark multiple enemies before firing.

The cost of casino security has been reduced by 10%.

The chance of attacking a casino has decreased by 25%.

Fair Price: 10% more likely to close.

Elvira Duarte

Los Lukeros

Devil's Breath: This is a smoke that turns enemies into allies for a short time. It also damages their health over time.

Brothel security cost reduced by 20%.

Provides 1 additional casino guard.

Peacemaker: Faction rating is increased by 100 when you enter into a non-aggression pact with other factions.

Joseph Saltis

Saltis Gang

Stampede: Allows you to charge an attack that will knock you out of the way.

Brothels' earnings increased by 5%.

Speakeasy have an optional update on launch.

Jive Joint: When you open a restaurant in a specific location, the chance of a threat is reduced by 50%.

Stephanie St. Clair

Card Sharks

Missile Squad: Allies within range will open fire on the target of your choice.

Brewery upgrade cost reduced by 20%.

Casino security cost reduced by 20%.

Roll the Dice: When you open a casino in an area, the chance of a threat is reduced by 50%.


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