Empire of Sin - Making Money Guide

Empire of Sin - Making Money Guide

In Empire of Sin, you will earn money in the game from criminal businesses in Chicago. Here we will provide you with a complete guide to making money with a business.

Below we described in detail how you can make money on the racketeering and alcohol business.

In the initial stages, your boss will have several organizations in Chicago. Gradually, over time, you will have more control over them. You can do this in two ways. Either demolish the business or buy empty buildings and start a new one.

You can also take over any location and this will allow you to turn it into a business. 

Another way to capture them is to participate in battles with major players in the market. Just look for some shelter, and if there is an opportunity to attack, then do not hesitate at the beginning of the battle. You will need a fully trained teammate to take on your enemies.

When you kill their boss, then all of their places will be yours. Business will grow, but it will also create new enemies.

How to run businesses

Information on the different types of businesses is described below:

  • Hideout: The main building next door, where you can assign a lieutenant to protect it.
  • Breweries: Needed for the production of alcohol.
  • Speakis: bars that will serve to entertain customers.
  • Brothels: Let you make money from selling love.
  • Casino: You will be able to play there and win money as well as lose.
  • Hotels: Hotels can be built anywhere and will help you grow your business.

The following improvements are available in the game:

  • Security: increasing the number of guards for more protection:
  • Deviation: With it there will be a minimal chance that the police will follow you.
In addition, underground bars, brothels and casinos also have some types of improvements:

  • Atmosphere: The income from this will increase over time.
  • Word of mouth: Will bring more customers.
By paying a little extra money, you can unlock all the improvements to the game. You can also build more than one hotel as this will lead to more clients and more prosperity for the business.

If you have multiple rackets in the same city, you will also have to activate certain synergies. 

Alcohol business

The alcohol trade will be illegal since the game takes place in Chicago, but this business will bring a lot of money into your hands. When you play the game, you will see the Alcohol Information section where you can view all the breweries you own.

There will also be security updates and deviations available, which are discussed below:

  • Production: With it, you will learn about the production of alcohol for a week or a month and track its growth.
  • Alcohol Quality: Allows you to offer good quality alcohol to your customers.
  • Storage: Excess alcohol is stored and not wasted.
You will also have a "Consumption" option in the game. Thanks to him, you will learn about the latest trends and what type of alcohol is currently in demand. When you start to dispense alcohol as required, you can make a decent profit.

The location will only have the three upgrades mentioned above. You should always think about these buildings, because in case the police track you down there, the guards will help you, and you can get alcohol, despite the raid.

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