ESO: Hurray, now throw away all the stuff you've been hoarding for years

The Elder Scrolls Online got a feature in its last major update in 2020, which delights many fans and also our MeinMMO author Jürgen Horn. It is the "sticker book" with which clearing out the inventory is possible without any problems and without regrets.

What is it about? With the latest update 28, ESO got a function that I and many fans have been waiting for a long time: The "item collections" , which are known internally in the community and among the developers as the "sticker book".

This is a system with which you can reconstruct your items from collected sets at certain crafting stations at any time. This means that you no longer have to lug all the sets around in your inventory because they might be needed again after a certain patch or update. Since the storage space in ESO is very limited, every item slot in the backpack and on the bench is valuable.

With the “Sticker Book” you can finally clear out things properly.

Every set could be strong again!

I can finally throw things away safely!

This is how I became a hoarder: I am one of the victims of the great set hoarding compulsion in ESO. I hate throwing things away that I might need again. Especially if the set is from some obscure dungeon that I won't be doing again anytime soon or was a rather rare drop.

Since I hadn't thrown anything away, my inventory was full of stuff that I actually didn't need. For example, a cool shield from the Frost Vault or a helmet made from Auridon. Maybe I want to train my orc warrior on tank, then I need the stupid shield after all. So it's better to go to the bank compartment, where there are already three other shields that I've never used.

I still remember exactly where I got the sign from the Frost Vault!

A lot has accumulated over the years and therefore I was completely over the moon when the developers announced Update 28 in addition to the DLC Markarth. For me, the “Sticker Book” was a feature that ESO had always brought. Urgent!

Clearing out is so liberating: As soon as I had my items in the sticker book, I could clear out to my heart's content. Lots of items were taken from the depths of the bank compartment and the backpack and finally dismantled or recycled. If I still need the stuff now, I can knock it together for a few transmutation stones and be good!

When throwing away the items that were no longer needed, I felt a pleasant feeling of freedom and harmony. The bank compartment was nicely cleared out, there is space again for useful things and it just felt good.

This is how the community reacts: By the way, I am not alone with this opinion. A user posted on reddit that he is also happy that he was finally able to clean up:

Just deleted all my weapons and armor from my bank and storage chest due to sticker system. from r/elderscrollsonline

Another user is probably representative of many typical hoarding ESO players by writing:

I collected so much stuff because I saw sets get nerfed on one update and come back to the meta on the next update. So I just hoarded so many things just in case they came back in the future.

But now I've done the same thing [as the creator of the thread] and got rid of everything. I used to struggle with the bank storage space.

But I didn't know how bad I was hoarding Now I am struggling to refill my bank. I am very happy with the new sticker book.


With every update, ESO gets bigger. But what is still missing in the game so that it will continue to cut a good figure as a next-gen MMORPG in the years to come ?

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