Far Cry 6 will feature many new features


Far Cry 6 will feature many new features

Fueled by madness, the Ubisoft shooter franchise has had its fair share of unique villains and stories, with each game featuring a new setting and an even crazier new villain. However, it is clear that a lot will change with Far Cry 6, which introduces a ton of new features that haven't been seen before in the series. At first glance, Far Cry 6 looks a lot like previous games from the start, with its tyrannical villain enforcing oppression. However, it is precisely the more subtle changes made to the sixth that will make it completely different.

From what has been shown and told, Far Cry 6 seems to be gearing up for a revolution, both literally and figuratively. Already, the game is showcasing many different first characters for the series: a non-outsider protagonist, potentially the first full-fledged city in Far Cry, a side character for an antagonist who can have an amazing effect on the main villain, and the main villain himself. Innovations in Far Cry 6 could give the franchise a chance to change as a whole. The Far Cry series has notoriously used the "fish out of water" archetype for its protagonists since the beginning of the series. Every playable protagonist in Far Cry 2, Jason Brody in Far Cry 3, even to some extent Ajay Gale in Far Cry 4, every one was an outsider, unknowingly involved in a narrative conflict. This time Dani Rojas is a character who grew up in Esperanza, witnessing the revolution that characterizes the game's setting. Even if Rojas originally "wanted nothing to do with the revolution," his point of view is very different from the previous heroes of the series.

On the other hand, Anton's tyrannical villainy contains an additional variable that could radically change Diego's story. Diego Castillo, son of Anton, a 13-year-old boy destined one day to take his father's place as Yara's dictator. With third-person cutscenes, players will be able to see more of the on-screen time of Anton and Diego's relationship throughout Far Cry 6. Diego could be Anton's backdrop or a loyal son following in his footsteps, as the game's narrative director describes Diego's loyalty as "riding on razor blades "."

Esperanza, the capital of the fictional country of Yara, is also the main and first city for Far Cry. Many players have created impromptu cities in Far Cry's map editors in the past, but the actual base game has never had a full-fledged city before. The hubs in Far Cry 2 and beyond were microcosmic cities with a store, but there have never been cities in games compared to Esperanza's scale. The start of the game promises to be very familiar to Far Cry veterans, at first we'll be on farmland, but eventually we'll get to town. The revolution will gradually reach Esperanse as the freedom fighters conquer more territories. Presumably, players will eventually find themselves frequenting Esperanza, whether for supplies or whatever mission they need to complete there. Typically, there will be several shops and interactions in a city. With Esperanza's much larger scale, there would ideally be more things to do besides buying ammo / armor, getting the quest. Far Cry 6 could be a pretty big evolution for the franchise, especially with all of its new ideas and concepts.

Far Cry 6 is slated for release in 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.

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