FIFA 21: TOTW 10 is live - here are the best cards

The TOTW 10 is here and there are a few interesting cards in the Team of the Week this week. We're looking at the strongest new specialty cards in FIFA 21 .

What is the TOTW? The Team of the Week appears every Wednesday evening and brings new special cards into play. These are based on the real performance of the players in world football. If a player has scored a particularly large number of goals, given assists or shone through other great actions, his chances of getting a TOTW card are good.

These Inform cards then have improved values ​​compared to the standard version of a player. You can improve your team in Ultimate Team or you can get a good boost of coins by trading on the transfer market .

When is the TOTW 10 coming? The new Team of the Week is available now in FUT at 7:00 p.m. on December 2nd. It stays for a week before being replaced by TOTW 11. You can get the cards in packs , on the transfer market or from the Weekend League rewards as player picks. However, the chances of TOTW players in packs are very low.

But which cards are included this week? You can find the complete TOTW 10 here.'

The TOTW 10 at a glance

The TOTW 10 at a glance

The TOTW 10 starting eleven:

  • TW: Pacheco (86)
  • IV: Romagnoli (85)
  • LV: Mendy (84)
  • RV: Aguilar (82)
  • CM: Fabien (84)
  • RM: Raphinha (84)
  • CM: Neuhaus (82)
  • CM: Skhiri (81)
  • LF: Griezmann (88)
  • ST: Iago Aspas (86)
  • ST: Martinez (86)

The TOTW 10 bank:

  • TW: Costil (82)
  • IV: Boyata (81)
  • CM: Klaassen (81)
  • CM: De Paul (81)
  • LF: Toko-Ekambi (82)
  • RF: Pedro Goncalves (81)
  • ST: Weghorst (84)
  • RM: Ienaga (79)
  • ZOM: Petratos (77)
  • ST: Diagne (80)
  • RF: Sugar Nail (79)
  • ST: Bowman (73)

The top 3 players in TOTW 10

The 3 strongest players in TOTW 10 stand for concentrated offensive this week. All three attackers can convince with strong values.

The top 3 players in TOTW 10

Antoine Griezmann has the highest overall score in the new TOTW. The FC Barcelona attacker scored one goal in the Catalans' 4-0 win over the weekend and then put on another. An achievement that is rewarded with a TOTW card and an upgrade to 88. Especially when it comes to dribbling, shooting and passing values, Griezmann is a weapon. It's a card for La Liga teams or French teams.

Lautaro Martinez prepared a goal in Serie A at the weekend in his team's 3-0 victory, and was also able to celebrate a victory against Gladbach in the Champions League. The new card is at 86 and convinces with strong pace, good shots and dribbling. He's a player for your Serie A team.

Iago Aspas completes the trio with his new 86 card. This represents an upgrade by two total points. Aspas also offers good values ​​for speed, shooting and dribbling. All three players could be a good reinforcement for the attack.

The Bundesliga players in TOTW 10

Do you primarily play with Bundesliga players in Ultimate Team ? Then the TOTW offers you alternatives here, too, whereby the really big top cards are missing this time.

These Bundesliga players are there

  • Boyata earned an 81 card in central defense and has the greatest strength in defense and physique. The pace is okay for central defense, especially with a chemistry style. But there are stronger options in the Bundesliga.
  • Neuhaus impresses with good dribbling and strong passes in midfield. But he has disadvantages on the defensive, as a clearer he is not suitable.
  • Skhiri scored twice after a corner against Borussia Dortmund at the weekend and secured 1. FC Köln the surprise victory against BVB. Could he repeat that in the Weekend League? For this, the values ​​would have to increase a bit: He has his top value with 82 on the defensive.
  • Weghorst has the highest overall score in the Bundesliga quartet and can come up with strong shots and a lot of physique. A real crusher, but one that is quite slow overall.

Overall, the big hits in the Bundesliga are missing this time, but the TOTW has exciting cards to offer in the other leagues. These include the top 3 from above, but also Romagnoli (AC Milan) and Mendy (Manchester City). Raphinia from Leeds United also has exciting stats, with a lot of dribbling.

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