FIFA 21: What can we expect from FUTMAS? We explain what the Ultimate Team Christmas event consists of

FUTMAS is one of the most remarkable festivities of the entire season.

Although TOTGS isn't over yet, December is a content-laden month and we're already turning our attention to the next Ultimate Team event. Barring great surprise, FUTMAS will be the next FIFA 21 holiday . A date marked on the calendar due to its importance within the season.

As we did with other events, we are going to review what happened in previous years to foresee what may happen in a few days . But as we always warn, surely there will be news and the holiday should not be exactly the same as in FIFA 20. Although they tend to repeat quite a few aspects each season, so it is good to review what happened in the past.

Start and end dates

The most recent FUTMAS have always started between the 13th and 16th , when it coincides with Friday. This season, it could start earlier than ever on the 11th, or be delayed until the 18th. The second option seems less likely to us, although it is not ruled out considering that the Icon Swaps should appear shortly. But if we had to bet on a date, we would say Friday, December 11.

If they keep the calendar for the last two years, the celebration would end next to 2020 . Starting in January, we would have no more Christmas-related content.

Nominated for TOTY

The Team of the Year should appear at the beginning of January and, if they maintain the FIFA 20 system, we will be the ones who vote for their members. Last year, the day before FUTMAS began, a new type of special card appeared in Ultimate Team - the TOTY nominee . The fifty-five candidates to enter the Team of the Year received this item, which barely raised the statistics of those players by one point. They were transferable, so they could touch us in envelopes.

The cards for the TOTY nominees were barely a point better than the average and overall stats.

FUTMAS SBC's cards

The FUTMAS SBCs are one of the hallmarks of this event. Since FIFA 17, special players have appeared in daily challenges, which lasted only twenty-four hours . And they weren't chosen at random, but each season they followed a pattern.

In FIFA 20, two players appeared each day from December 13 to December 24 (eleven days) . The first was related to the ranking of teams, since they drew a letter for each country that was part of the top 11 worldwide.

The second was related to the leagues, performing a countdown in which the important thing was the position of his club last season . The first player was chosen because his team was 11th the previous year, the second's club was 10th, and so on.

In previous seasons, they drew three SBC players each day instead of two. But for FIFA 20 they decided to remove one , so we had eleven fewer FUTMAS cards. And in addition to these challenges, we could also get those special loaned versions. Let's see if the same happens this year, since they could be used in friendlies and we would not exhaust their contracts.

In FIFA 20, two FUTMAS cards appeared each day in SBC.

FUTMAS cards free to play

We were able to get a total of six free cards . Two of them through the season pass, and the other four from objectives. But it will be difficult for us to see FUTMAS players as prizes of the season again, since the second season of Ultimate Team ends in January. In FIFA 20, we had a holiday season that barely lasted three weeks and started on December 20, so we were able to get Cazorla and Delph FUTMAS.

Gbamin, Thiago Mendes, Roussillon and Boulaya were the other free footballers. They did not appear at the same time, but their objectives arrived progressively (on the 13th, 15th, 20th and 23rd).

RTTF UEL charts in SBC's

Some of the most interesting SBCs, quality / price ratio, from FIFA 20 arrived during Christmas . We are talking about the RTTF of the Europa League, which appeared at the time of FUTMAS despite not having any relation to this event. It was at the end of December when we were able to get upgradeable charts like Diego Carlos or Kent RTTF, which were also quite affordable.

RTTF UEL charts in SBC's

The return of old SBC cards

Four special cards that were previously featured in Squad Building Challenges reappeared . Mascherano Flashback, Milner Scream, Promes OTW and Piszczek Flashback returned with a different price than before.

The return of old SBC cards

The arrival of Prime Icons

On December 20, the Baby versions stopped appearing in packs and Prime Icons filled that gap . We do not know if they will respect the date in FIFA 21, but they should also arrive in the middle of this month. At least that's what they said in a statement prior to the game's departure.

All Icon Prime versions arrived on December 20.

Envelopes in SBC's and objectives

As is customary in each celebration, in addition to obtaining players we were also able to obtain envelopes through SBC's . And some objectives allowed us to obtain free non-transferable packs. We had to use FUTMAS cards, although it was not a problem because we had the free to play versions and the low-priced transfers.

This is everything that happened during FUTMAS last year. In FIFA 21, they should introduce new features but it is also very possible that they will repeat much of the content. 

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