Find Bolt Cutters, Grapples & Guard Uniforms - GTA Online

 Bolt cutters, grappling hooks and the like help you to fulfill all the goals of the Cayo Perico Heist . In this guide we will show you all the locations in GTA Online where you can find helpful utensils. In our guide to the [ Access and Vanishing Points ] ("In this guide we show you all access points, vanishing points and secondary objectives from the Cayo Perico-Heist in GTA Online.") You will also find an overview of all secondary objectives.

Where can I find all 16 bolt cutters?

Bolt cutters are particularly relevant when you want to cut chains to open up new paths. If you carry out the Cayo Perico Heist a second time, you will lose all equipment you have collected from your first Heist. You can see where the bolt cutters are in the following list. Often times, red tool boxes indicate a spawn point . The red signal color of these toolboxes usually makes it easier to find the location of the bolt cutters.

  • Bolt cutter 1: The first bolt cutter is by the runway. The corresponding bolt cutter can be found on one of the metal containers that are located along the runway.

  • Bolt cutter 2: At the starting point of the runway you will find the second copy. There is again a lot of junk made of metal bins and wooden boxes. On a wooden box is a black briefcase on which you can find the second bolt cutter.
  • Bolt cutter 3: Also at the starting point of the runway you will find the third bolt cutter on a table, next to a stack of pallets and car tires.
  • Bolt cutter 4: There are some solar panels near the power plant. In the vicinity of this solar panel, look out for wooden boxes that are behind protective walls. You will find the fourth bolt cutter between the wooden boxes.
  • Bolt cutter 5: On a broken and stranded boat in the north of the maps, not far from the runway, there is the fifth bolt cutter. Get on the boat and preferably examine the places where there are again wooden boxes. If there is a red toolbox on the wooden box and a black suitcase on the box next to it, you have discovered the fifth location.
  • Bolt cutter 6: You will already explore the sixth bolt cutter as you go through the tutorial. It's on a rusty metal container, near a dock.
  • Bolt cutter 7: Also near the dock is the seventh bolt cutter in one of the wooden boats. In the wooden boat there is a red tool box next to insignificant odds and ends.
  • Bolt cutter 8: If you walk along the main street from the dock, a building awaits you shortly before the end of the street where you can climb several ladders. At the top you will find the eighth bolt cutter in front of a wooden box on which there is once again a red tool box.
  • Bolt cutter 9: In the middle of the island there is a hut where some people are making drugs. The ninth site is located in one of the heavy-duty shelves, next to some metal barrels.
  • Bolt cutter 10: To the east of the ninth location is a cannabis plantation. There you will find a littered hut. If you see a red toolbox again, then you're right. The tenth bolt cutter will be difficult to spot as it has apparently become one with the junk on the floor.
  • Bolt cutter 11: From the tenth location you continue east. There is a pile of wooden boards in front of a tower. The eleventh location of the bolt cutter is on the pile of wooden planks.
  • Bolt cutter 12: There is a container on castors very close by, on the stairs of the tower. The twelfth spawn point is on the container.
  • Bolt cutter 13: In the far west, on the very edge of the island, there is a bolt cutter in front of a wall with a chain link fence. There is a yellow and a black object on the wall. The bolt cutter lies on the ground in front of it.
  • Bolt cutter 14: North of the last location there are some water towers. Check out the wooden boxes and the infamous red toolbox again. Not far from there you will see a bolt cutter.
  • Bolt cutter 15: Near the main harbor, which is in the middle of the island, you can see several objects between some trees. These include several filling containers that look like metallic cuboids with yellow foil as a lining. You have to look closely in the vicinity of the container to find the penultimate bolt cutter.
  • Bolt cutter 16: It is probably safest to keep the last bolt cutter. Diagonally across from the previous bolt cutter, also in the middle of the island at the harbor, is the last location on a stranded boat. This will be made known to you with wooden boxes and a red tool box.

all 16 bolt cutters locations

Where can I find all 16 grappling hooks on Cayo Perico in GTA Online?

Grappling hooks are a useful tool for climbing walls in the simplest possible way. You can find all 16 locations in the list below.

  • Grappling hook 1: In the west, at the very end of the runway, the first grab hook is on a square box.
  • Grappling hook 2: South of the runway, by the solar panels, the next grab hook is on a ledge.
  • Grappling hook 3: There is a stranded boat on the coast nearby. The boat also has a wooden box and a green box. Explore the wooden box from all angles so as not to miss the grapple.
  • Grappling hook 4: To the east of the runway, near the main road, there is a watchtower. At the foot of the watchtower you will find the next grapple on a wooden box.
  • Grappling hook 5: To the south of this is the next specimen on a rusty boat that is covered with a green tarpaulin.
  • Grappling hook 6: To the south you will come to another coast with stranded boats. There is a wooden box there. Then the next grapple.
  • Grappling hook 7: In the north east of the island you will find a grab hook on a water tower.
  • Grappling hook 8: In the same line south of the previous location, the next grab hook is on a building. The location is recognizable by a red tool box.
  • Grappling hook 9: There is another, but smaller, water tower near the previous water tower. You will find the next grapple on it.
  • Grappling hook 10: There is a red crane in the middle of the island. The grab hook is hidden in a narrow opening at the foot of the crane.
  • Grappling hook 11: Head east to reach the cannabis plantation. Some boxes are stacked under a canopy. The eleventh grapple is on top.
  • Grappling hook 12: Further east, just at the end of the island, you will find some storage boxes in green and yellow. The small, light blue bin is also striking.
  • Grappling hook 13: Southwest of the last location, in the middle of one of the circular streets, there is a tower that you can climb. Once at the top, the next grapple is already waiting for you.
  • Grappling hook 14: There is a lighthouse southeast of the island. The next copy is under the stairs to the lighthouse.
  • Grappling hook 15: You will find a water tower near the harbor, which is in the middle of the island in the west. Do not climb it all the way up, only halfway to find the penultimate location of the grapple hook.
  • Grappling hook 16: The last location will look familiar to you. That is again in a small opening of a red crane. However, this time the corresponding crane is in the west of the central port.

Where can I find all 16 guard uniforms?

With guard uniforms you become a master of camouflage . They make it easier for you to mingle with people without being suspected. You can see in our listing how to find all locations for the guard uniforms.

  • Guard uniform 1: You can find the first uniform at the runway near the seated pilot.
  • Guard Uniform 2: There is a building near the runway with a ladder leading to a balcony. You will find the second uniform on the balcony.
  • Guard uniform 3: There is a wooden walkway south of the runway. On the boardwalk is a small staircase, next to which the third uniform is hidden.
  • Guard Uniform 4: Far to the east of the runway is a shed by the docks. The fourth location is in the shed between a lot of rubbish.
  • Guard uniform 5: There is a habitable metal container nearby. The fifth guard uniform is in front of the stairs to the entrance.
  • Guard uniform 6: From there, follow the main street to just about the end. In a covered area there are some objects, such as roughly striped metal barrels or wooden boxes. The next uniform can be found in front of the wooden boxes.
  • Guard uniform 7: Still in the same region, a little further north of the previous location, there is a uniform under a covered area. The spot is easy to find through the red boat behind which the uniform is hidden.
  • Guard uniform 8: In the middle of the island there is a building made of yellow bricks. Next to the door, which can be reached via a concrete ledge, there is another uniform.
  • Guard uniform 9: A little south of the previous location, the next uniform is at a point where wooden boxes and wooden pallets are stacked. You will also see a yellow barrel. Once you've discovered the spot, the uniform will catch your eye.
  • Guard uniform 10: The tenth security guard uniform is on a red roller board that you will find as soon as you try to gain access to the cameras.
  • Guard uniform 11: At a watchtower south and in the middle of the island the uniform is next to a green container.
  • Guard Uniform 12: To the northeast of the main entrance of El Rubio is another watchtower. The next location is at the foot of the watchtower.
  • Guard uniform 13: North of the previous site, there is a small building on the right of the path. In front of it are some wooden boxes and also the green box with the next uniform.
  • Guard uniform 14: Continue the path north and keep to the left of the path. Behind the large building there is a shelter with another pile of boxes and metal barrels. The next location of a security guard's uniform awaits you there.
  • Guard Uniform 15: Follow the path to the port, which is centrally located on the island. Look for two water containers standing side by side.
  • Guard uniform 16: From there you go north again. The last location for the security guard's uniform is in a rusty metal container. It is more heavily guarded so you should exercise caution.

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