Find Star Silver Ore in Genshin Impact

 Rare ores are an important resource in Genshin Impact , and the recently released 1.2 update also brings us a new one to farm. In this guide we will tell you where you can find the star silver ore and what you need it for.

Find Star Silver Ore | Genshin Impact

In addition to numerous features, currencies and characters, Genshin Impact offers a variety of items, the locations of which are often not automatically revealed. Ores are one of these.

There is also a new ore to farm in Drachengrat . The Sternsilbererz needed her mainly for various weapons to establish and appreciation crystals can be produced with it.

Star silver ore locations in Genshin Impact

Star silver ore is not always easy to find in the snow-covered landscape of Drachengrat. In fact, the grayish ore camouflages itself well in the landscape. Nevertheless, there are some larger deposits that can be easily removed every day.

  • To the east of "City Buried Under Snow - Outskirts" there is a lake where you can find 5-6 mining sites

  • In the "Star Shimmer Cave"

  • Southeast of "Frosthimmelnagel" is a peninsula where you can find 4-5 ore deposits

  • There are 6-7 mining sites for star silver ore right on the coast of the “Old Palace”

If you need more, you can see the exact locations of star silver ore on this map.

star silver ore on this map

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