Fortnite: 3 tips how you can collect gold bars faster

Fortnite: 3 tips how you can collect gold bars faster

 The start of Season 5 in Fortnite: Battle Royale brought a new currency into play: gold bars. With these you can unlock cool weapons. We'll show you tips on how to collect the bars quickly.

What are gold bars? The bars were introduced as a new currency in Season 5 - Chapter 2. Unlike the V-Bucks, you can only use them in game rounds and unlock weapons instead of cosmetics.

The only way to get hold of gold bars is to find and collect them in-game. So you cannot buy them with real money. But this can take longer and that's why we have tips for you here on how it works faster.

What do you need gold bars for? The new bounty characters accept the gold bars as payment. The bars can then be used for these items:

  • Exotic weapons
  • Upgrades
  • Services: bodyguards for protection
  • information

For an exotic weapon you need 1,225 gold bars. A high price for a weapon that you can only use in one round. Therefore, it is good to be able to collect a lot of bars quickly.

Collect gold bars faster

There are several ways to collect gold bars. We show you an overview of the things you should pay special attention to if you want to acquire wealth in a shorter time.

How do you even get gold bars? There are different methods how you can get the coveted currency. How to find them:

  • As a reward for successful bounty hunts
  • Destruction of objects on the map
  • Eliminations from players
  • Search of chests and registers
  • Challenges that reward with bars

Collect bars in group wedges

What kind of mode is it?  In the Fortnite mode group wedges, 2 teams of 20 players each compete against each other. The first team to achieve the specified number of eliminations wins.

In this mode you are not eliminated directly, but can always respawn on the map.

Therefore this mode is suitable: gold bars can hide in different places. So if you diligently destroy objects with your pickaxe, you will always find a few bars. If you pay attention to these things in group wedges, you will quickly find a large amount:

  • Land in one place and destroy as many items as you can
  • Search all the chests and tills that you find along the way
  • As soon as the storm eliminates you, you go into battle
  • Eliminate as many enemies as you can - don't forget to pick up the gold bars they drop

So if you concentrate on destroying a lot of objects in the first half and loot everything, you will already have collected a good amount of gold bars. As a bonus, you can then dust off the bars that eliminated opponents drop.

Since you can respawn again and again in the group wedge mode, you have no pressure and can use up the time collecting the gold pieces.

Accept various orders from NPCs

What do you mean with that? The start of Season 5 also brought NPC characters that are distributed in different places on the map. If you talk to them, they can give you orders.

You can either start bounty hunting or do other in-game tasks. The reward for this is gold bars. There are different ways in which you can earn the currency:

  • Start a bounty hunt and eliminate the wanted person yourself - there are 70 gold bars for this (can be done again and again in one round)
  • Start the bounty hunt and wait for another player to eliminate the person - there are 35 gold bars for that
  • Do other tasks such as collecting material that you are given - there are also 35 gold bars per task
So if you want to collect as many gold bars as possible, you can repeat these steps several times in a round and just focus on them.

Search gold vaults

What do you have to do? The "quickest" way to find gold bars is through the safes on the map. If you find and search one of them, you will get 100 gold bars per vault.

So it would be the quickest and easiest method, but because it's so successful, it's all the more difficult. The safes don't always spawn, even if you know the location. So if you want to go this way, you have to consider that you will not always be successful.

In this video you can see where each vault can spawn:

However, if you are lucky and find the safe at this point, you will be rewarded with a large amount. A search for it can clearly be worthwhile.

Do you already use these methods or do you have other methods that will help you to find gold bars quickly? Let us know in the comments!

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