Fortnite Announces Its New PC Performance Mode; find out how to activate it

Fortnite Announces Its New PC Performance Mode; find out how to activate it

 Epic Games has made the battle royale have more options to prioritize the fps rate over everything else.

When you stop to think about the formula for the success of Fortnite , you could say that it is based not only on the efforts that Epic Games dedicates when it comes to including great news of its own in the game, but on adjusting it as quickly as possible to the needs that your community has at a specific time . And, precisely, we are in a temporary stage where the FPS and the performance of a game on PC is more important than ever.

That is why Epic Games has launched a publication through its official website in which it has announced how it works and what the new Fortnite performance mode consists of , which is aimed at making the battle royale work more fluidly in our devices. Next, we tell you all its details:

How to activate and work the performance mode of Fortnite

Activation method

According to Epic Games itself , the Fortnite performance mode will be available tomorrow, December 15 , and can be activated by entering the game's advanced graphic settings menu . Right in the section that appears in the following image:

Activation method Screenshot

What hardware do I need?

The only thing we need to make Fortnite get the most out of this performance mode is that our PC has an SSD or with at least 6 GB of RAM that provide enough memory so that the fluidity of the game is the maximum possible.

In this way, once we enter the game with performance mode activated, Fortnite itself will adjust the graphical options that spend more resources to their minimum values ​​so that the battle royale prioritizes showing a good frame rate per second above everything else. .

Other important information: how to turn off high-quality textures

One of the additional maneuvers that we can carry out if we have a PC that has somewhat outdated components will be to deactivate the high-quality textures of the game , which can be carried out by performing the following steps:

  • We must search for Fortnite in our library and click on the three ellipsis that appear in the lower right corner of its thumbnail
  • That is when we will click on options and uncheck the high quality textures box
  • Once we have carried out these two simple steps, Fortnite will have erased about 14 GB of the game on our hard drive, which will make the title weigh less and be more manageable for our PC.

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