Fortnite: Complete bounties and collect gold bars in Season 5 - Here's how

In Season 5 - Chapter 2 of Fortnite: Battle Royale you can complete bounties and collect gold bars. This is a new feature that rewards you with the currency that can be used in the game. We'll show you how it works.

This is the new feature: The start of Season 5 brought a new possibility that you can try out in the game. You are now becoming a bounty hunter and can carry out tasks for characters on the map.

If you talk to the characters, they will give you an assignment. This is when the hunt for a certain player who is in your round starts. The goal is to eliminate this before the allotted time.

Start a bounty hunt - how it works

Where can you find the clients? To start a hunt, you first have to find the NPC characters. They are distributed in different places on the map. However, you can orientate yourself on your mini-map, because a speech bubble appears there if an NPC is nearby.

There are some places where there is a good chance that a character will be there. But since they can change their location, it is not always guaranteed that you will always find a certain place. They should appear at these locations:

These are the places where the NPCs should show up

How is a hunt started? Have you found a character on the map, you just have to stand in front of him and then interact with him. A selection wheel will open where you can choose what you want from the NPC. For a bounty hunt you then select the "Bounty" field accordingly.

As soon as the order has been accepted, a timer starts. This shows you how long you have time to eliminate the wanted person. You will only receive the reward for the job if you can do it in the allotted time. The golden circle that appears on the map marks the area where your target is currently located.

Here you can see how such a bounty hunt works in the game:

Important: If you do not manage to eliminate the target in time, the player receives a gold bar for survival. However, you will get nothing and then have to start a new hunt.

What are gold bars and how do you get them?

This is the new currency: bars were introduced at the start of Season 5. It is a currency that can only be used in one game round. You can't buy these with real money either - so they don't work like V-Bucks. Dataminers had found this currency in the data some time ago .

The new bounty characters accept the gold bars as payment. The bars can then be used for these items:

  • Exotic weapons
  • Upgrades
  • Services: bodyguards for protection
  • information

The gold bars allow you to unlock cool things in the game

How do you get gold bars? You can earn the bars by successfully completing bounty hunts, eliminating opponents or finding secret supplies on the island. By the way, you will also get a gold bar if you have been given a bounty, but you survive the hunt.

  • For a successful bounty hunt you get 70 gold bars
  • Search chests, as these will also drop gold bars
  • Use your pickaxe to destroy objects such as bed, sofa or cash register to find even more bars
  • Eliminated players also drop bars with the loot
  • Complete the challenges that will reward you with gold bars
Important: The gold bars that you find in one round can be stacked and are carried over to the next round. So you can collect as many as possible. In arena mode, however, you lose all bars again after one round.

Once you've collected enough of them, you can use them for cool weapons or upgrades. If you'd rather have bodyguards, you can hire them for gold bars.

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