Fortnite: how to activate high resolution textures on PC

Fortnite: how to activate high resolution textures on PC

 We tell you what are the simple steps you have to follow to achieve a graphical improvement in the battle royale.

The arrival of the new generation of consoles has caused the video game industry to have had to raise the bar of the products that are born within it in relation to several different aspects, being the graphic quality of video games that which is always produced with a jump between two different technologies. And, precisely, Epic Games would be carrying out several maneuvers in relation to Fortnite with which to give the battle royale a facelift.

And it is that, if the 15.10 update of the game has arrived with a new performance mode for PC so that those players who do not have high-end computers can play the battle royale smoothly. But there is still more: with the new patch, the option to enjoy Fortnite with high-quality textures has appeared for those who seek the highest visual fidelity within a video game.

That is why we wanted to prepare a quick guide on how you can activate this option in the game in a very simple way if you follow the steps that Epic Games indicated on its official website, which you can find below:

Steps to download high-quality Fortnite textures

  • First, you will have to open the Epic Games client on your computer.
  • Once there, you must look for the Fortnite miniature and click on the three ellipsis placed in its lower right corner.
  • Now is when you will have to access the options menu and activate the High resolution textures box.
  • Fortnite will then download 14 gigs of additional files to install the textures on your computer.

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