Fortnite: how to defeat Jaleo and get the right arm of the Mandalorian

Fortnite: how to defeat Jaleo and get the right arm of the Mandalorian

We tell you everything you have to do to unlock one of the parts of the Star Wars character's armor.

At the heights at which we are currently and according to the strategies that Epic Games has followed lately in relation to the content it launches for Fortnite , we could highlight that one of the greatest attractions of each new season of battle royale resides in those special skins that They offer us additional missions and challenges to unlock their alternative styles; The Mandalorian outfit being the one that has starred in the current season of the game.

In this way, in this same guide we will focus on one of those character challenges that can be somewhat complicated for those who do not know the new Fortnite Season 5 map by heart; challenge that can be cited through the words "Defeat Jaleo" and that will allow us to obtain the right arm of the beskar armor of the Star Wars character.

Before starting fully with the challenge in question, it is necessary to emphasize that in order to get the most out of the rewards that we will obtain thanks to it, the ideal is that you have obtained the Battle Pass of Fortnite Season 4   for a total of 950 V-Bucks. We remind you that  you can get them at the best market price  thanks to  Eneba  by clicking on this  same link.

Where to find Jaleo in Fortnite Season 5

Before we start talking about the character we will have to finish with to complete this Mandalorian challenge in Fortnite , we must emphasize that we are facing a challenge that will only be activated once we have reached level 60 within the Battle Pass.

Once we have fulfilled this requirement, we must go in search of a new final boss of this season that will be hidden in a very specific location on its stage. Next, we leave you with a video for the occasion in which we show you exactly where it is:

Once we go to the place and manage to finish off the villain (he will have enough life, so it is advisable to get there well equipped), the challenge will be completed and we will have obtained the right arm of Beskar's armor from The Mandalorian.

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