Fortnite: how to get Black Panther's 'Greeting from Wakanda' gesture for free

Fortnite: how to get Black Panther's 'Greeting from Wakanda' gesture for free

 We tell you how to complete all the new challenges that Black Panther has brought to the battle royale.

There are many reasons why Fortnite fans may be excited these days; something that happens due to the fact that Epic Games is celebrating the new winter battle royale event, which will allow us to get a couple of unreleased skins completely free of charge, as we already mentioned in this other guide.

However, the thing would not remain only in that, since those responsible for Fortnite have launched a new batch of challenges for the game that, if we complete them, will allow us to unlock the 'Greeting from Wakanda' gesture of the Marvel character known as Black Panther. Therefore, below we leave you with some brief tips on how to complete these challenges quickly and easily.

How to complete Fortnite Season 5 Black Panther challenges

Play games (0/10)

As simple as it sounds: you will only have to play a total of 10 games to complete this Fortnite challenge . We remind you that it can be in the way that you like the most, so the ideal is to change so that the task does not become heavy.

Survive opponents (0/500)

When Fortnite refers to the action of "surviving opponents", what battle royale means is that we hold out as long as possible in a solo, duos or squad game. That is, each opponent who falls in the game (it will not be necessary for us to demolish him) will count as one more point to complete the challenge . Thus, we will only have to play several games in the aforementioned modes to survive 500 enemy players.

Play duo or squad matches (0/5)

The good thing is that this challenge has a statement that is obvious enough to understand what we will have to do to overcome the task it sets us: we will only have to play 5 games in the company of one or more friends in duos or squads modes.

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