Fortnite now gives you presents when you bring friends back - Here's how

 In Fortnite, you can now secure a few rewards for a certain time when you bring a friend back into the game. We'll show you what it is and how it all works.

What gifts do you get? If you bring a friend back to Fortnite on December 14th, Epic will give you cool free items. This promotion offers you a total of 4 rewards if you meet all requirements. These are the gifts:

  • "Reactivation" emoticon
  • Lobby music "change of tone"
  • Pickaxe "double claws"
  • Gun paint "Hologlanz"

You'll get these cool gifts when you get your friends back

You can unlock all of these rewards for a certain time and when you have met all requirements. We'll show you how it works.

"Reactivate" friends - this is how it works

What do you mean with that? Epic has started a beta test that is about reactivating friends. This means that you should bring a friend back to Fortnite if they have not played Fortnite for at least 30 days. Anyone can take part as long as they have a friend to recruit.

Here's what you have to do to participate: To register for the beta test, you must first visit this official Epic Games website. There is a button that says: “Let's reactivate a friend!” You should click on it.

As soon as you have pressed the button, you will be asked to log in. Simply choose your desired platform or log in with your Epic account.

After logging in, you will automatically be shown friends who have not played for at least 30 days and who you can recruit. Select your desired friend with whom you would like to start the "Challenge".

Important: You can only recruit one friend at a time.

At the end all you have to do is play matches together to unlock the rewards. There are 4 different levels that secure the gifts for you:

  • Level 1: Play 1 match together - emoticon as a reward
  • Level 2: Play 5 matches together - lobby music as a reward
  • Level 3: Play 10 matches together - pickaxe as a reward
  • Level 4: Play 20 matches together - painting as a reward
The gifts are not only for you, but also for the friend you bring back to Fortnite. So if you wanted to start again with Fortnite, now should be a good time.

Until when do you have time for it? The reactivation beta will run from December 14th to January 4th at 9:00 AM. You should receive the rewards within 7 days of completing the requirements.

Bring your friends back to Fortnite during the holiday season

The "reactivate a friend" function is still in a test phase. It is not yet known how and when the feature will be available in Fortnite after the testing phase.

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