Fortnite: Razor Crest find - location at Coliseum

Fortnite: Razor Crest find - location at Coliseum

In Fortnite you should find the Razor Crest in Season 5 Chapter 2. We'll show you where to find the part and what you can do with it.

What kind of task is that? On December 2nd , Fortnite started its Season 5 of Chapter 2 . There are new tasks that you can solve now. You can solve some of them to upgrade the armor of the new Mandalorian skin.

Solving the tasks is worthwhile so that you rise in level. Through the higher levels you unlock cool outfits, emotes, harvesting tools and more in the Battle Pass. 

Where is it found? You can find the Razor Crest near the new Colossal Coliseum. This location is one of the major map changes of the season and is now new on the map.

The following graphic shows the exact location of the Razor Crest:

Fortnite: Razor Crest find - location

Find the Razor Crest

You have to look there: You will find the spaceship directly southeast of the new Coliseum. If you run south from there, you can hardly miss it. It's in a mound of sand.

How to complete the challenge : To complete the challenge, you should only visit the spaceship. But be careful because many players have to solve the same task. We at MeinMMO tried that out and the Razor Crest was always visited by a lot of trigger-happy players.

In addition, the Mandalorian himself is on the move and patrolling this site. So if you want to land there right at the beginning of a round and have no weapons yet, you are at the mercy of the enemy. So look around carefully beforehand.

Have you visited the spaceship, the challenge should be completed for you. If this is not the case, it can take a few seconds for the completion to be credited.

Do you like the task of the new challenges and did you find the spaceship easily?

If you know any more tips on this task, then write them to us in the comments.

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