Fortnite season 5 week 1: how to complete all challenges

Fortnite season 5 week 1: how to complete all challenges

Here we are going to give you the solution of the challenges of week 1 season 5 of Fortnite. At first, the structure of the missions has changed, everything seems to indicate that, each week, a character from the battle pass will propose us a different challenge.

Week 1 Fortnite Season 5: how to complete all challenges and missions

In season 5 there is not as such a menu to review all the challenges with the battle pass as in previous seasons. Now, from the main screen, by pressing a button and the touch panel in the case of PS4 and PS5, we access the missions, which is what the challenges are called. Here we are going to tell you how to complete all the challenges of Fortnite season 5 week 1.

Many of these challenges, like last season's Xtravaganza, have different stages or levels, which we access as we overcome the immediately previous one. These are the challenges of Fortnite season 5 week 1 and how to complete them.

Complete contracts (5)

Contracts are one of the novelties of season 5. You must look for characters to talk to , and among the options that they will offer you (buy information in exchange for bars, etc.), there will be to fulfill a contract, which usually rotates in around eliminating a certain player. By accepting the contract, the player will be marked on the map, or rather, the area through which he moves.

Just go and shoot him down to complete this challenge. And what happens if another player takes it from us? Well, in our case, it is also considered valid and counts us as a fulfilled contract, even at the time of receiving the reward (although a sign will appear indicating "stolen contract". It may be a game error at this time, or a form of make it more affordable...

Stage 1 of 4: Shotgun Eliminations (3)

As the name suggests, we must get three kills with any model of shotgun, in any game mode. It does not have to be in a single game, you can distribute them among several, or try to complete it in a single Team Fight. The rest of the phases of this objective also involve causing certain amounts of damage or casualties with specific weapons, as detailed below

  • Phase 2 of 4: Assault Rifle Damage (500). It has no greater mystery, use an assault rifle to accumulate that amount of damage. Maybe faster in Team Fight. 
  • Stage 3 of 4: Eliminate a player with a sniper rifle from 150m (1). Not much more to say. Maybe it's easier in Team Brawl.
  • Stage 4 of 4: Deal 1000 Explosive Damage to Opponents Structures (1000). Use explosive weapons, gasoline cans or even gas stations and blow them up... Easier in Skirmish. 

Phase 1 of 3: Discover Named Locations (5)

It is enough that you go through some of the areas of the map with its own name. It doesn't matter if it's 5 new, 5 old, or a mix. Visit 5, and voila. The remaining two phases challenge us to the following:

  • Stage 2 of 3: Talk to a character (3). You can go to Burning Sands, to the pier, and at the end that is hitting the water, talk three times with the same character to complete it
  • Stage 3 of 3: Collect Bars (500). Bars are the currency of the game, and you can get them by fulfilling contracts, fallen enemies and other tasks. With them you can improve your weapons, hire the character as a bodyguard, get information about the proximity of other characters ... Accumulate a total of 500, between different games, and challenge overcome.

Then, apart from these challenges, it is possible to find a great variety of small challenges, such as planning 2500m, or running or swimming certain distances, in addition to challenges with expiration time (for example, taking a fish out of a freezer, picking up two objects in a game and the like).

Try to fulfill them because everything also helps to level up in this new season. Soon we will tell you much more, such as where to find the first mythical weapons of season 5.

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