Fortnite: where to find all 40 characters on the Season 5 map

The current season of the game allows us to carry out small missions for certain NPCs that we will find hidden in their scenario.

We are facing an especially sweet moment of the Epic Games battle royale , which corresponds to those select moments in which the new Season that Fortnite touches is recent enough to breathe an intense air of novelty within the community . And, precisely, the premiere of the fifth of Chapter 2 would have brought with it a series of content and new systems aimed at enhancing that same feeling.

We are talking, in addition to the new mission and leveling system, about the possibility of running into some characters controlled by Artificial Intelligence (also known as NPCs) who will offer us gold bars in exchange for carrying out certain tasks . And, although it is easy to find them since they are in almost every prominent location on the map, the truth is that it was very difficult to know the exact location of the 40 of them... at least until now.

The thing is that the user known as MLL on Twitter has had the courtesy of launching an image through the aforementioned social network in which we can appreciate the places where each of these NPCs would appear . We leave you with the screenshot below so that you can take a look at it with your own eyes:

all 40 characters on the Season 5 map

For the rest, and in order to finish off the information that we have wanted to share with all of you along these lines, we can only remind you that in Areajugones we will be very close to the next steps that Fortnite takes with the aim of bringing you any news that arises in relation to its Season 5, as well as other data that allow us to bring you useful guides to the contents of the aforementioned season.

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