FUT: Activate or skip cheering | FIFA 21

What would a goal in FIFA 21 be without cheers afterwards? You can also perform unique gestures in the Ultimate Team, but you have to activate such a cheer first. How this works and where you can get other gestures in FUT, you can find out here in a nutshell.

We'll show you how you can find the jubilation "rotation and zoom" and generally skip jubilation. You can read all about it below.

FUT: Activate or skip cheering | FIFA 21

Activate cheers in FUT - that's how it works

In FUT games, too, you can cheer after a goal. To do this, press the known key combinations (available under: Customize> Settings> Special Movements> Cheers) and your goal scorer performs the appropriate gesture. In the Ultimate Team there are cheering cards from various sources - which we will list later. What are they good for, you ask yourself? You can activate this special cheer and then execute it with circle or B. You replace the random cheers in the game. Once you have received a gesture, you can activate it as follows:

  • In the FUT headquarters (main menu of the Ultimate Team) push the left stick up to get to the personalization of your stadium.

  • Select the leftmost tile “Matchday”.

  • You can now find all the cards you have collected so far under “Player Cheers” . If you want to activate a cheer, you only have to confirm with X (PS4) or A (Xbox).

If you score a goal in your next FUT game, you can press the circle or B key with each player and you carry out the activated cheering. EA has gathered more new cheers in a trailer. 

Get cheer cards

There are two ways you can get cheers in the Ultimate Team. Maybe there will be a third one, because with the start of a new season a cheer card could be added in the Battle Pass. If you want to get more cheers in FUT, you have to open packs. In addition to players, consumable items and other cards, there are also new cheers from time to time.

Alternatively, you can search for your favorite gesture by looking for it on the transfer market. Switch the tab to "Stadium" and set the "Player Cheers" in the club item type.

Get jubilation "rotation and zoom"

The jubilation "Rotation & Zoom" is particularly popular and therefore very rare. After a hit is scored, the camera zooms in on the player from behind, who turns around and looks closely at the camera - pretty scary. Do you want to get the cheers "rotation and zoom", you either need good luck in packs or buy it for many coins on the transfer market.

As already mentioned, this funny cheering gesture is very popular and often only changes hands for 5,000 coins or more. On the transfer market you usually have to scroll several pages until you find the card for "Rotation & Zoom". You already know how to equip them after buying them and activate the cheers in the game.

Skip cheers - that's how it works

Sometimes you score late and want to turn that momentum and motivation into another attack. The cheers of your players and the repetitions after a goal can therefore steal valuable seconds. If you want to skip the cheers, press L1 + R1 (PlayStation) or LB + RB (Xbox). You can also save yourself the repetition of the hit with this simple key combination. The game jumps straight to the kick-off and can continue without delay.

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