Genshin Impact, Albedo, should we summon it? Analysis and guide

 Albedo, the investigative team captain, is the limited character in Genshin Impact's new banner. Should we summon Albedo? We will see together its abilities, its constellations, how to equip it and especially if Albedo is interesting enough to deserve to spend your precious Primo-Gems to summon him as part of our Genshin Impact guide and our tier-list of Genshin Impact characters.

Genshin Impact, Albedo, should we summon it? Analysis and guide


In Genshin Impact, Albedo is a genius known by the nickname "Kreideprinz". He is the chief alchemist and the captain of the Order of Favonius investigators.


Normal attack

Chain up to 5 sword strikes.

Charged attack

Consumes stamina to unleash two quick sword strikes.

Top-down attack

Dives from the air to strike the ground, dealing damage to enemies on the road and area damage on impact.

Genesis: Solar Aura

Generates a Solar Aura, which deals Geo area damage.

Solar aura :

  • An Ephemeral Germ is created when enemies in the area take damage, inflicting AoA damage proportional to Albedo's defense.
  • An ephemeral Germ can be generated every 2 seconds.
  • When a character joins the center of the Solar Aura, the Geo energy present is concentrated to generate an ascending podium allowing him to dominate the battlefield. There can only be one podium at a time.
  • The solar aura is a Geo construction ; there can only be one Solar Aura created by Albedo at a time.

In case of long press , you will adjust the area where the skill will be launched.

Transformation: Geo Reflux

Geo energy in the ground explodes while emerging under Albedo's command, inflicting area geo damage . When a Solar Aura generated by Albedo is present on the battlefield, 7 Lethal Germs are generated, which bloom as they explode, dealing Geo area damage .

Explosion damage and Fatal Germ damage do not generate Ephemeral Germs.

Limestone threat

Ephemeral Germs generated by Genesis: Solar Aura deal 25% more damage to enemies while health is below 50%.

Wisdom in a Bottle

Activating Transformation: Geo Reflux grants all nearby team characters 125 Elemental Mastery for 10 seconds.

Genius discovery

10% chance to get double the products when synthesizing weapon elevation materials.


Here is the list of constellations in Albedo . To unlock these, you will need to get duplicates of him. You will therefore need for example 5 duplicates of the latter to be able to unlock its last constellation.

Eden flower

  • Albedo recovers 1.2 Elemental Energy when an Ephemeral Germ generated by Genesis: Solar Aura hatches.

Aeon of advent

  • Genesis: Solar Aura grants Albedo the Doomsday effect for 30 seconds when Ephemeral Germs are generated. All Doomsday stacks are consumed when casting Transformation: Geo Reflux, granting Ephemeral Germs and CRIT hits of this trait a damage bonus proportional to the number of stacks. Each stack of Doomsday grants a damage bonus equal to 30% of Albedo's defense; this effect can be stacked up to 4 times.

Solar flower

  • Genesis skill level : Solar aura +3.

Divine fall

  • Deployed characters in the Solar Aura area deal an additional 30% offspring attack.

Ancient stream

  • Skill level Transformation: Geo Reflux +3

Purity of the earth

  • Deployed characters in the Solar Aura area deal 17% more damage while under the protection of a shield generated by Crystallization.


Albedo is a character that should ideally be used as a DPS support, as you'll simply have better character choices if you want primary DPS.

We recommend that you mix 2 pieces of Ancient Royal Ritual , which will increase damage dealt by elemental unleashes by 20%, with 2 pieces of Ancient Rock , which will improve Geo- type damage by 15%.

At the weapon level, a Favonius Sword , which gives a 60% chance to generate an Elemental Orb that restores 6 points of energy can do the trick. Another great weapon choice is the Dawn Messenger 3-Star Sword which increases crit rating by 14% when your health is above 90%.

In terms of statistics, focus on Defense above all. This is the primary statistic on which Albedo scales the best.


Speculation was rife on Albedo shortly before its release. A certain scent of disappointment surrounded him, much like Zhongli . However, and unlike the latter, Albedo is far from a disappointment. Thanks to the changes between the "beta" version and the final version of the character, it turns out very interesting, provided you play it in a certain way. The great advantage of Albedo , compared to the last 5 stars, is that it quickly proves effective, without having to unlock its constellations.

In addition to allowing you to protect yourself, it constantly generates elemental reactions, and therefore persistent damage throughout the fight. Real battery of your group, it will bring you constant energy. Albedo is not THE character who will make your team, but he is undoubtedly the one who will allow you to push the optimization of the latter to its limits . And her elemental ability returns so quickly that she will be in the field all the time.


Are you looking for a 4th member who allows you to chain elementary reactions and protect your team? Albedo is your man. One of its strengths is that it only needs a few things to be effective. A few DEF parts, a decent weapon, and off you go. We strongly recommend Albedo if you want to add a Geo character to your roster.

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