GTA Online Cayo Perico Update: How Much Does The Submarine Cost? All extensions at a glance

GTA Online Cayo Peric Update: How Much Does The Submarine Cost? All extensions at a glance

 If you want to carry out the latest heist in GTA Online , which has been integrated into the game with the largest update in the history of the title to date , you have to do a few things in advance. This includes the purchase of a real submarine, which will serve as the headquarters for the further planning of the robbery during the upcoming Heist.

In the following we explain to you how to unlock the submarine, how expensive it is and which extensions are also available for it.

How do I unlock the submarine?

The armed submarine Kosatka can ye in the online store of Wars Tock Cache & Carry buy. However, you first have to unlock this opportunity by meeting with Miguel Madrazo at Music Locker and discussing his job offer. The new Underground Club is located under the Diamond Casino & Resort and has recently opened to all players . Then go to the Warstock website and buy the submarine.

Where can I find the submarine?

If you have purchased the submarine, you can have the Kosatka brought to you via the “Special vehicles” option in the interaction menu . Now the underwater vehicle will be delivered to you and is located on the coast of Los Santos or Blaine County. Just watch out for a corresponding submarine symbol on your map . You can enter the Kosatka from the command post or the bow and stern hatches.

The cost of the submarine in GTA Online

Given previous investments in "GTA Online", the purchase of the new submarine is still quite low at $ 2,200,000 . For just over two million GTA dollars, you can start the new heist and even do it all by yourself. Because in this robbery you basically don't need any players. Nevertheless you can dare to take part in the robbery with up to four players.

Nevertheless, the submarine can cost you a decent amount of money if you also want to buy the various expansions available. You can choose from:

  • Color: $ 75,000
  • Sonar station: $ 1,200,000
  • Guided missiles: $ 1,900,000
  • Gun workshop: $ 350,000

Moon pool vehicles:
  • Sparrow: $ 1,815,000
  • Kraken Avisa: $ 1,545,000

Changing the color of the submarine will cost you $ 75,000 each . You can also choose a flag that will now adorn the hull of the underwater boat. So if you buy all the expansions, you have to invest a total of $ 9,085,000.

Can I move freely with the submarine?

Yes, you can either use the fast trip inside the submarine or take the wheel yourself, for example to drive along the coast of Los Santos. The fast travel function offers you a total of twelve different berths for the Kosatka, with each fast travel costing 10,000 GTA dollars.

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