GTA Online: Snow 2020 - When does it snow and what happens at Christmas?


GTA Online: Snow 2020 - When does it snow and what happens at Christmas?

The players eagerly await the snow 2020 in GTA Online. When it snows, the whole online world turns white and invites you to drift. What else can you expect for Christmas?

What is special about snowfall? Every year at Christmas time, the developers of GTA Online activate snowfall. It will snow all over the map. The streets of Los Santos are turning white and slippery.

Just right to have loads of fun in the game over the holidays. We'll show you what we already know about snow and Christmas 2020 in GTA Online.

When does the snow start in 2020?

This is how it went so far: In recent years, snowfall in GTA Online started two to four days before Christmas Eve.

This is expected for 2020: We expect snowfall in GTA Online from December 22, 2020 at the latest. So the developers would stay true to their line. Keep in mind that this is only an assessment so far. An official confirmation from Rockstar Games has not yet been received.

What content is coming for Christmas 2020?

What else is going on? For the past few years, the Christmas update in GTA Online has decorated the homes and offices of players. A large, decorated Christmas tree was found in the CEO's office. The garages were also festively decorated.

It can be assumed that this decorating will again be part of GTA Online in 2020.

In addition, there have been certain login bonuses for logging into the game over the holidays.

Last year the developers gave away a mini tank to the players.

The vehicle gift in 2020 has already been distributed to the players. You can expect further login bonuses if you log into the online world on December 24th, 25th and 26th. How exactly these look like is still unknown.

At the same time, it has also been possible in recent years to collect the snow on the street and use it to form snowballs. Everyone should take part in a snowball fight in GTA Online.

Are you looking forward to the snow in GTA Online? What will you do first on the snowy streets? Write it to us in the comments. 

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