Guide for Red Dead Online. Which carbine to choose?

Guide for Red Dead Online. Which carbine to choose?

In a new guide to Red Dead Online, we will tell you about the weapons that are presented in the game - more specifically, about carbines. We will tell you which of the carbines to choose is the best.

Which carbine to choose in Red Dead Online?

The best carbine option is the Litchfield. Yes, this is a fairly expensive model, but very accurate and gives a good rate of fire. If you have money, then it is better to choose this carbine in Red Dead Online.

Another good carbine is the Lancaster. Not as accurate as Litchfield, but still good rate of fire. And a little cheaper than the previous model.


Varmint is also a good option. More for hunting than for combat, but also with a good rate of fire and a 14-round magazine. Even against a group of enemies, such a carbine is very effective.

And that's all there is to know about which carbine to pick in Red Dead Online.

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