Evelynn can occupy almost any position on the map, but we would advise you to start mastering this champion with the role of a forester. In addition, certain features of her skills contribute very well to this. Actually, therefore, it is Evelynn the forester that we will be considering with you in this guide.


Demon Shadow (Passive)

Demon Shadow (Passive)

Outside of battle, your champion will go into the shadows, in which she will restore her health, depending on magic damage. It is this ability that makes Evelynn an excellent jungler, allowing her to maintain a safe level of health while clearing forest camps. Upon reaching 5th level, the disguise ability will be added to the shadow. While in disguise, a bounding circle appears around Evelynn, and as soon as an enemy champion or ward is inside it, the disguise will be removed. Also, passive increases the damage of our third skill when used from the shadows.

Surge of Hatred (first skill)

Surge of Hatred (first skill)

When activated, Evelynn releases two waves of thorns in front of her, each dealing damage that grows as you purchase items that increase your Ability Power. The beauty of this skill lies in its short cooldown time, and you can spam enemies with it quite often. When using the skill on neutral creeps, the rollback time is significantly reduced, which helps to clear forest camps even faster.

Seduction (second skill)

Seduction (second skill)

Evelynn curses the target for 5 seconds, and when attacking an enemy with a skill or a simple hit, the curse will be removed and the target will be slowed by 65%. The advantage of the skill is a large radius of application, and using it does not remove the state of disguise. And if at least 2.5 seconds pass from the moment of use to the moment of your attack, then the charm effect will be added to the slowdown and the resistance to magic damage will be reduced by 20% for 4 seconds.

Whiplash (third skill)

Whiplash (third skill)

The damage of this skill depends on the maximum amount of the target's health, which can be your trump card when meeting a fat opponent. During skirmishes with enemy champions, it is very important to hit them with this ability, as this will significantly increase your champion's movement speed. After level 5, when activated, Evelynn will gain the ability to be attracted to the attacked target.

Last Kiss (Ultimate)

Last Kiss (Ultimate)

When using it, Evelynn destroys everyone in front of her, and upon completion, teleports back a decent distance. During its use, Evelynn cannot be targeted, which allows her to fly into the crowd, kill enemies and safely retreat back.

The order of pumping skills

At the very beginning, we will need to pump each ability one level so that we have a full arsenal in case of any situation. And then, if we still went to farm the forest, then we try to pump our first ability to the maximum as soon as possible, since it is due to it that we will quickly kill forest creeps and get the main portion of experience and gold. Since the effects of the Seduction skill are generally enough for us at the first level, then we will further maximize the third ability, increasing the amount of damage. Ultimate swings out of turn.


For Evelynn, they can enter equally well and Conqueror and Execution by Electricity... We give preference to the second option, since in order to get the maximum damage from the first option, you need to make almost twice as many hits on the opponent, which is not always possible, especially in the late game, provided that the teams are equal.

We will choose the second rune Cruelty, since in absolutely any situation, its adaptive bonuses to ability power and magic penetration will be beneficial for our attacks.

To increase the survival rate, the rune is perfect for us Hunter: Titan which increases our maximum health at the start of the game, as well as for each unique kill of enemy champions in the course of further battles.

Well, since we are in the position of a forester, it will be very useful to quickly move around the map using the rune Pathfinder that increases the champion's movement speed out of combat by 8% while in a forest or river. Thanks to her, in combination with disguise, we will be able to quickly and stealthily go behind the backs of enemies during our surprise attacks.

Additional spells

As for the choice of additional spells, then everything is simple. Since Evelynn does not have her own escape, we will compensate for this deficiency with the ability Leap allowing you to avoid unnecessary deaths during surprise attacks from opponents. Also, with some attacks, he will also help us to reduce the distance with the enemy. Well, since we will take the role of a forester, then with the second spell, too, everything is quite simple. Of course it will Kara to increase damage against neutral creeps, allowing us to kill them even faster.

Assembling items

Assembling items

Since the main damage of our skills is of a magical nature, then the items will accordingly acquire skills that increase our power. Thanks to this assembly, we get a very powerful assassin mage with good survival rates, capable of sending enemy champions to the tavern in a split second.

Infinity Orb

We recommend purchasing the Infinity Orb as the first item , since this artifact immediately gives a lot of quite useful characteristics that significantly increase the combat potential of Evelynn.

Rabadon's Death Hat

Since Evelynn is able to farm very quickly, then on the second slot of our inventory you can immediately collect Rabadon's Death Hat , which will immediately add a lot of magic damage.

Assembling items of evelynn

The third slot will be to purchase boots. Of course, this can be done sooner or later, depending on the situation. The boots themselves will be chosen based on what is happening on the battlefield. If you are crushed by magicians - buy the Walk of Mercury . More physical damage - buy Tabi Ninja . If the damage is mixed, but at the same time there is a lot of control - Boots of Swiftness will help you . In the future, it will be best to improve them with Enchant Stasis , allowing you to avoid some unnecessary deaths.

Lich Storm

Next, we will continue to increase our combat potential with the help of the Lich Storm . Since we use our first skill quite often in battle, this artifact will just look great in our inventory, because it will almost double our auto attack after each use of skills.


Then Morellonomicon becomes our choice , since it will not only allow us to acquire even greater indicators of power of abilities, but also significantly increase our health, which will be appropriate by this time, and will allow us to withstand even more damage from opponents.

Staff of the Abyss

The last item we will take is the Staff of the Abyss , which allows even the most tenacious enemies to be disassembled even faster due to a good increase in skill power and a significant increase in magic penetration.

General Tips

As we mentioned earlier, she is able to stand at any position on the map, since she has a lot of damage from the very beginning. But since she has a good damage bonus against neutral monsters in the forest, and also has a huge potential for ganks, the jungler position will be the most effective for her. Perhaps, when you gain experience, you can try Evelynn in various roles, but we still recommend starting this path from the forest.

You can start your forest route in different ways. In the beginning, we would not hurt to acquire a blue buff, since it will allow us not to lose mana and kill creeps faster by increasing the cooldown of skills from this buff. And for this, you can either go to the top lane of your map, or try to neatly steal this buff from the enemy forest.

You also need to try to kill shy crabs, while getting a good view of the river, which will also play a big role, both for you and for your entire team. Well, in no case should you let rivals kill dragons. As soon as they appear on the map, try to pick them up as soon as possible. To do this, do not hesitate to ask your allies for help, because it is in their interests too. Each dragon killed gives good bonuses to the whole team throughout the game, which will play a decisive role in the later stages.

Try to go out on the gangs as early as possible and carefully monitor the entire map. Even if you cannot kill an opponent, but inflict some damage on him, your ally will gain an advantage in any case.

During farming in the forest, if you receive heavy damage, do not rush to return to the base, because the passive skill will heal you quickly enough. And if you fly to the base without having gold to acquire the first key items, then this can negatively affect the further game, since high farming speed plays a big role for any champion. But at the same time, one cannot sit in the forest for a long time, since Evelynn does not like passive play.

As soon as you get a disguise, you must immediately go to the gangs, and if necessary, you can do it earlier. The main thing is that this does not negatively affect your farm. Go out to the gang, take the enemy and return to your farm, waiting for your skills to roll back. As soon as they roll back, look for a new victim, waiting for the right moment to attack.

It is strongly discouraged to fight a champion with great dueling potential in battles. It is better to avoid all sorts of direct encounters with them until you have a clear advantage in damage.

Evelynn is a very interesting champion with her own unique traits. Realizing the potential of a champion is not easy, but if you manage to gain an advantage earlier, then later the game begins to bring only positive emotions.

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