Kai'Sa is a very mobile and tenacious carry with great combat potential, capable of inflicting colossal amounts of damage to enemies in a short time, as well as using invisibility to easily initiate battles or avoid them. Typically, the champion takes the position of the carry on the dragon lane. In this guide, we will talk in detail about the various variations of item assemblies, game tactics, its skills, and all other important features and aspects of this champion.


Passive Skill: Second Skin. A unique passive that adds two different effects at once that will affect the overall progress of the champion throughout the game. The first effect allows you to inflict additional magic damage for each completed basic attack, while applying plasma charges to the opponent. When you accumulate 5 of these charges, they explode and deal an additional 15% damage from the missing health of your target. These charges are applied for 4 seconds. The second effect adds additional abilities to Kai'Sa's skills, depending on the stats that will be on the purchased items.

Skill 1: Rains of Icathia. When activated, your champion fires multiple bolts that randomly attack nearby enemies. Accordingly, if there is only one opponent nearby, then all the charges will be directed exactly at him, which eliminates the need for manual aiming and allows you to react faster to all enemy actions. And if you want to inflict maximum damage on any one specific target, then you need to try to move it a little further from the creeps, taking the desired position. Otherwise, some of your charges will fly to the minions, making the damage insignificant and diffused. Also, thanks to this skill, you can farm experience and gold faster and more efficiently, finishing off enemy creeps.

Important:due to the passive ability when buying items for attack power, the number of projectiles fired can be doubled from 6 to 12, which will allow you to deal even more damage with this skill.

Second skill: Chasing from the abyss. Kai'Sa fires a blast of energy forward that has a fairly long range, and deals a decent amount of damage to the first target in his path. This damage is mixed and will depend on both your attack power and ability power. Hitting an enemy champion will also inflict multiple charges on them, allowing them to activate a passive skill. A hit is also capable of revealing enemies in bushes and invisibility.

Important: initially, the skill imposes 2 charges, and after being improved by passive, the amount rises to 3, and the rollback speed is almost 2 times reduced. But it is pumped extremely rarely, so there is much more from the improved first and third skills.

Third skill: Supercharge. Grants Kai'Sa a massive 60% movement speed for 1 second, and increases his attack speed for 4 seconds. When supercharged, each hit on an enemy will reduce the cooldown of this skill by 0.5 seconds.

Important: when this skill is improved with a passive, it will be significantly improved, adding invisibility to the increase in running speed, and the attack speed will be increased by another 20%, thereby reaching a bonus of 65%.

Ultimate: Hunting Instinct. Kai'Sa dashes towards the enemy champion, covering long distances. To activate the skill, the enemy must be marked with at least one charge of plasma. Also, activating the ultimate imposes a shield on the hero, the strength of which will depend on the attack power and the power of the champion's skills.

The order of pumping skills

We first download each skill by 1 level. Then we maximize the first ability, after it the third, and at the end we finish the second. Ultimate rises out of turn at levels 5, 9 and 13. Although there are some players who complete the ultimate at the very end. But a decrease in the rollback time and a very noticeable increase in the range of use is a much more effective solution.


It is better to choose the main rune Conqueror, since in combination with a passive skill, you will deal even more damage to enemies. Also, activating the first skill when all charges hit one target will allow you to gain stacks literally instantly, while receiving a 10% damage bonus.

We recommend choosing the second rune Hunter: Siphon Life, especially if you acquire Greedy Greaves and Blade of the Annihilated King during the game. Since in this way you will receive a total of very good vampirism from your auto attacks, which allows you to maintain a safe level of health throughout the game. In addition, this rune adds a good bonus to damage for unique kills of enemy champions.

We choose the third rune Hunter: Titan, which will also give bonuses for unique kills of enemies, but already increase health and stamina, increasing the survivability of our champion. Alternatively, you can use the rune Fidelity, also aimed at increasing our survival rate.

When choosing the last rune, rely solely on your style of play. If at the start you like to move around the map for surprise attacks on your opponents, choose the rune Pathfinder... If you are an active pusher of enemy towers and constantly carefully monitor the map, take the rune Thinker... But we advise you to choose a rune Sweet tooth, which eliminates the need to return to the base at the initial stage of the game due to the increased bonuses from honey fruits.

Additional spells

As for additional spells, this, of course, is Leap... We choose the second option Exhaustion, as this will reduce the damage done to the enemy attacking you by 40% for 2.5 seconds. It will also somehow compensate for the complete lack of control, because the ability also reduces the target's movement speed by 20%.

Assembling items

Assembling items

When choosing artifacts for a champion, it must be borne in mind that the effectiveness of the influence of our passive on other skills will depend on them. Since the key skills we still have are the first and the third, then strengthening with items will be aimed specifically at them. Thus, we come to the conclusion that we need to increase the champion's attack speed and directly his damage.

Blade of the Destroyed KingWe recommend starting the assembly with the physical item Blade of the Destroyed King. This artifact gives us several parameters we need and complements our passive skill. Here you have both the attack power, and the attack speed, and vampirism, and some kind of slowing down of enemies.

Phantom Dancer The second item will also be very effective to collect an artifact called the Phantom Dancer to add critical strike capability to our attacks. Also, attack speed and movement speed are additionally increased. Plus, we get the passive effect of the item, which imposes a shield on our champion when his health level is below 35%.

Assembling items When choosing boots, we focus on the champion's main vulnerabilities. But almost always, Greedy Greaves will come to us , later improved with the help of Enchanted Living Silver . Since enemy control is very dangerous for us, this purchase option will allow us not to fly into the tavern with sudden attacks of enemies. Alternatively, you can collect the Stasis Enchant .

Infinity Edge Next, we will increase our combat potential, increasing our effectiveness in battle. And for this , the Infinity Edge is perfect for us , which increases the attack power, the probability and the chance of inflicting critical damage.

Hurricane Runaan We then acquire Hurricane Runaan , which increases our basic attack speed by another 45% and, as a result, increases the crit chance to 75%. Almost every auto attack will now critically hit. And the fact that this item can deal damage with massive attacks, hitting up to three targets, makes Kai'Sa an even more dangerous opponent.

Assembling items We acquire the last item according to the situation. In general, if you have learned how to use the ultimate and the third skill correctly, then it will be appropriate to purchase the Herald of Death , further increasing the attack power and adding 35% to armor penetration. In another case, when the pressure from rivals is very noticeable, we acquire a Guardian Angel , which will add attack power, but at the same time increase the armor indicators and equip us with the ability to resurrect, avoiding unnecessary deaths.

Pros and cons


  • a lot of damage;
  • good mobility and survival;
  • there is invisibility;
  • versatile champion.


  • weak early stage of the game;
  • no control;
  • the ultimate does not damage;
  • high vulnerability to enemy control;
  • short range of auto attacks.

General Tips

Kai'Sa is the late game champion, and at the very beginning is inferior to many heroes on several points of the shooter. Therefore, you should start as carefully as possible, avoiding unnecessary deaths, and devote more attention to farming. Kite enemies, periodically damaging them, will also be extremely useful. With such a game, you can quickly collect the required amount of gold to acquire the first key items, which will allow you to consolidate your dominant position on your lane as soon as possible, and subsequently throughout the battle as a whole.

Much will depend on the support standing with you in the lane. If he understands the mechanics of your champion's actions and has control skills, he will be able to help you quickly collect stacks of plasma, causing more damage to opponents.

Try to combine all your skills, while not forgetting about the passive. After all, this is how you can inflict the maximum amount of damage. For example, the third skill has a long range and applies plasma charges to the target, while the ultimate also has a large area of ​​application. Thus, you can almost instantly cover long distances, which can be used during your attacks and sudden ganks of enemies.

If you're used to being aggressive from the start, then Kai'Sa is not the hero for you. This champion requires a lot of patience and endurance, and becomes more effective only from the middle stages of the game, when at least you become invisible, and there will be at least three full-fledged artifacts in your inventory.

Due to the fact that Kai'Sa has hybrid damage, you can often find her with the assembly of a full-fledged mage. But at the very start of mastering this champion, we would strongly advise you not to use such builds. This option is more suitable for already experienced players who are fully familiar with the controls and mechanics of skills. Until that moment, you will have to play more than a dozen or even hundreds of games. While the build described by us will fit well in all situations.

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