Zed is far from the easiest assassin character in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Until the moment you master it only at the basic level, it may take more than one hour of playing for Zed. Still, the champion is very strong and interesting, and is also capable of dragging an entire rink on his own. And in order to master its mechanics as soon as possible, to understand the nuances of microcontrol and some general tactics, we advise you to read this guide to the end, since there will be almost everything a beginner and even an experienced Zed-master needs to know.


Passive Ability: Contempt for weakness. Increases Zed's damage to enemies whose health indicator dropped below 50%, but also has a cooldown on each target separately for 8 seconds. That is, you can take turns inflicting increased damage to multiple targets, but you do the additional damage again after these seconds. As a rule, in duels this passive is triggered only once. But since Zed has a lot of instant damage, this is quite enough. The increase in damage occurs not only against enemy champions, but also against minions, which makes it quite comfortable to finish them off, inflicting the last blow. It also works for forest creeps, which makes the hero also a potential forester. Still, there are more useful junglers in the game, while Zed is quite comfortable in the middle lane.

First skill: Throw a shuriken. This ability is key to Zed's arsenal. It is due to this skill that the main process of your farming will take place. You are more likely to be in the lane against ranged champions, who, in turn, will try to keep you out of their minions, and it is through this ability that you will be able to keep your distance, continuing to finish off enemy minions, gaining experience and coins. The advantage of this skill is that it has good range and can deal damage to multiple targets at once. And given the fact that Zed does not use mana, you can use it almost on cooldown. An important feature is also the fact that shurikens can be thrown not only by Zed himself, but also by his shadows. You also need to know that only the first target it hits will receive full damage from the shuriken, all subsequent ones will receive only 50% damage. This also needs to be taken into account if you plan to inflict maximum damage on the enemy in a duel or on all the same ganks.

Second skill: Living shadow. Also one of Zed's most important pieces. But at the same time, it is she who makes him an extremely difficult champion to master. This skill leaves your shadow on the map, the duration of which is 5 seconds. The shadow is capable of repeating all your skills. That is, it can also throw shurikens or make a shadow cut, which allows Zed to deal damage in double the amount. And when you reuse it, you move to the place of your shadow, which makes him also a very mobile champion, able to quickly move around the map through obstacles and obstacles. Also, hitting skills from the side of the shadow quickly restores Zed's energy reserve and reduces the cooldown time of other spells, which in massive battles allows you to quickly move from target to target and confuse opponents.

Third skill: Shadow cut. Another important ability to complement this champion's productive combos. The skill not only deals good damage, but is also capable of slowing down your target. And if you hit the target twice, then it will be additionally slowed down. Since the range of this ability is not great, it is much more difficult for them to hit. But over time, with the help of it, while using your shadows and shuriken, you will learn to combine your actions, depriving your opponents of a chance to win. It is also another great way to quickly kill enemy minions, which allows you to dominate in farming compared to your lane opponents.

Ultimate: Brand of Death. Not everyone understands the essence of the mechanics of this ability, thinking that it is she who initially causes damage to the enemy. But actually it is not. Zed is actually putting a mark on his target, which will last for 3 seconds. And now the damage that you inflict during this time will play an important role. After 3 seconds, the mark explodes, and your enemy receives an additional 25% / 35% / 50% damage, depending on the level of skill pumping, from the damage that you inflict during these 3 seconds. Also, when activating the ultimate, Zed becomes invulnerable for a while, which can also be beneficially used in battle. Also, when activated, Zed leaves his shadow on the map. In fact, it turns out that Zed is able to leave two of his shadows on the map, each of which will repeat your actions and cause damage to opponents.

The order of pumping skills

As for the order of pumping skills, at the first levels we pump each ability by 1 level, starting with the shuriken. Next, maxim is the first, then the third, and after that we finish the shadow. Ultimate, of course, swings out of turn.

The order of pumping skills


The main rune, almost unconditionally, is taken Execution by Electricity, which allows us to do even more damage from the very start of the game. When any kind of attack hits enemies, be it skills or a simple auto attack, within 3 seconds the opponent will be inflicted additional and very significant damage, which allows you to send all your enemies to the tavern even faster.

Further, the choice is more difficult, because almost every rune of the second level could be useful in various situations. Rune can be preferred Triumph, since it restores 10% of the missing health for each kill of enemy champions, and also increases damage by 3% against opponents whose health is below 35%, which is a very good addition to Zed's passive ability.

Next, we will choose the next rune depending on the situation. If your opponent in the line is, for example, a magician with good control, then choose the rune Spirit of Movement, increasing your health and resistance to slowing. If a physical champion is against you, it will be more effective to take the rune Titan Hunter, adding 20 points to maximum health, as well as 4% to armor for each kill of enemy champions.

Well, with the last rune we choose Genius of the Hunt, which will initially reduce the cooldown of your skills by 2.5%, and then another 1.5% for each unique kill of each enemy. That is, in the end, you can get up to 10% reduction in CD, which will be very useful in the late game, and will allow Zed to move even faster and do even more damage to enemy bodies.

Additional spells

If you have just started your journey of mastering Zed, then we advise you to take Leap and Healing... The first will allow you to quickly get away from a sudden attack or catch up with a fleeing opponent in the event that there was not enough energy or rollback to use shadows. The second will keep your health at a safe level.

Once you've mastered Zed's initial mechanics, then Healing can be replaced with Ignition, which will allow you to deal more damage and literally from the 3rd level to kill opponents in the line, adding the spell to your combo attacks.

And finally, when you master the dynamics of movement of the champion between the shadows and the general microcontrol of Zed, then the Blink can already be replaced with something more useful. For example, on Barrier, which allows you to take more damage, Exhaustion, which applies an additional slowdown on enemies, or the Ghost, which increases movement speed for a while. But by this time, you will already be an experienced Zed-meiner and will be able to make decisions on your own.

Assembling items

Assembling items

ZED Build

Since Zed's main task is to deal a lot of damage in a short time, then, of course, items that increase armor penetration are well suited for this. That is why the main items in Zed's inventory are Draktarr's Twilight Blade and Yomuu 's Ghost Blade , each of which will add lethality to Zed, significantly increase his physical attack and the cooldown of skills. The order in which these items are purchased may vary depending on the situation. Draktarr will increase your explosive damage and Youmuu will increase your movement speed. Here it is already necessary to independently choose what you need at the very beginning.

ZED Build

Somewhere in the process of assembling these items, you can allocate 500 coins to purchase Boots. And after that, again depending on the situation, we decide what to collect them further. If you have to receive a large amount of physical damage, then it is appropriate to take Tabi Ninja , adding armor. If magic damage prevails in fights, then your favorite slippers should be the Treads of Mercury , which increase magic resistance by 10% and reduce the duration of enemy control by 30%. In the event that the enemy damage does not scare you, then the Gluttonous Leggings become our choice , increasing vampirism by 8%, which allows you to maintain the level of health.

Zed Build

Further, the choice of purchased artifacts will directly depend on your playing style. If you like to roam, moving from lane to lane to gank enemy champions, then it would be quite appropriate to pay attention to the Shadow Glaive , which also increases physical penetration and allows you to go past enemy wards without being noticed. The subject is very situational, and not suitable for everyone. Perhaps a more effective artifact for us will be the Black Ax , which will increase the amount of health by 350 units, as well as physical attack by 30 and reduce the CD by 20%, making Zed more tenacious. But the main property of this item is its passive ability, which reduces the physical defense of the attacked target by up to 24%, which allows you to deal even more damage to the enemy.

Zed Build

Then again you need to look at the situation. If you take a large amount of damage from an enemy, especially a physical one, and die (which is generally unacceptable for Zed), then choose the Guardian Angel , which will allow you to avoid frequent deaths and help smooth out some mistakes you have made. The acquisition of this item can be done earlier, but again everything depends on what is happening on the battlefield.

Zed Build

Well, in the end, if we are all right, we kill well and do not die, then we supplement the assembly with the Herald of Death item , which allows us to deal even more damage due to the bonus to physical attack and increase the penetration of enemy armor, as well as reducing the effectiveness by 40% treating your goal. If everything is not so colorful, and you continue to receive a large amount of damage, then we already select an item based on the form of the received damage. From physical damage, we choose the Dance of Death , which increases health and adds a passive effect, which will allow you to receive part of the damage not immediately, but for 3 seconds. If you take more magic damage, then the Zev of Malmortius comes to the rescue ., which will increase the indicators of magic resistance, and in the case of a large amount of magic damage, you will additionally be imposed a shield that absorbs 350 units of magic damage.

Zed Build

The third stage of the boot upgrade is again chosen according to the situation. If the enemies have a lot of control, we take the Mercury enchant . If there is a lot of physical damage, we take the Gargoyle . But, and if all is well, then we acquire the Active proto-belt , which will add mobility and damage.

Pros and cons


  • does not need mana.
  • easy to farm.
  • huge damage.
  • excellent pusher.
  • good assassin and duelist.
  • high mobility.


  • difficult champion.
  • addicted to the ultimate.
  • high microcontrol.
  • too dependent on the farm.
  • high weakness for enemy control.

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