How to Capture and Share Video on Xbox Series X

How to Capture and Share Video on Xbox Series X

Years ago it was more difficult to connect with video game fans and one of the most used means was forums. There, not only can experiences be shared, but players help each other to complete games, solve problems with the console and exchange opinions. With the proliferation of more immediate social networks, the consoles included social functions to take screenshots , create videos or stream in a more direct way. The Xbox Series X controller has included a button for easy video capture and sharing .

So now it is easier to capture a section of the game to share with friends and other users over the Internet. For this it is important that Xbox Series X is connected to the home network via LAN cable or WiFi network. If it is not connected, the captures are saved but you will not be able to share this content. One of the novelties of Xbox Series X is that its controller has included a central button called Share to take screenshots and video quickly. We already told you how to take screenshots on Xbox Series X and now it's the turn of the videos, also known as clips.

How to Take and Share Video Captures on Xbox Series X

They are called clips especially because of their length. These videos do not exceed 3 minutes in length , although the user can decide this value in [Settings]> [Preferences]> [Capture and share]. In this menu you can change the default values ​​such as the resolution that can determine the duration. You can record up to 1 minute of footage in 1080p and up to 3 minutes in 720p, with their respective loss of quality.

To capture a video, just press and hold the Share button on the wireless controller and the clip will be saved. You can access the latest captures from the Xbox button on the controller at any time. But it can also be captured and shared at the same time as follows:

  • Press the Xbox button on the wireless controller to open the guide.
  • Select [Capture and Share] .
  • Choose the option [Record what happened] or [Start recording] to record the moment you want to share.
  • Once recorded, select the video with A, edit the [Message] and the medium where you want to share the clip.

As you can see, it is quite easy to capture a video and share it. All images and videos are saved to the internal memory of Xbox Series X , but you can move them to a USB device to free up space. It is a process very similar to transferring your data and game saves from Xbox One to Xbox Series X and it doesn't have much loss.

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