How to change your Facebook profile picture without anyone knowing

How to change your Facebook profile picture without anyone knowing

 The Facebook profile photo is like the photo of the identity card in the social network, since those who are not yet our friends in the social network is the only way they have to identify us along with the name. However, every time we change the profile picture, all our friends find out and often comment on it. If you don't want this to happen to you, here's how to change your Facebook profile photo without anyone knowing .

Facebook offers the possibility of configuring certain aspects regarding privacy, such as the fact that other users who are not friends of ours can see our photos or our friends on the social network. For the profile photo there are also certain configuration options, but we will show below how to change your Facebook profile photo without anyone knowing.

So you can change your Facebook profile photo without it being published on your profile

To do this, the first thing we are going to do is open a window in our computer's browser and enter Facebook with our username and password. Once there, we click on our Facebook username at the top of the menu and access our profile within the social network. There it will show us the cover photo, profile photo, personal information, photos, friends, publications, etc.

If we look at it, when the mouse pointer passes over the profile photo, the option Update profile photo will appear . Click on this option and then a new window will appear from which we can upload a new photo from the computer or choose from the many that we have uploaded to our Facebook account.

We choose one and we will be shown another page where we can add a description to our Facebook profile photo, cut it so that it is well centered or even edit it. We click on Save and Facebook will automatically show us the photo change on our profile. Next, we have to go over the automatic publication and click on the tab that appears just below our name and the message updated your profile photo.

This will show us several options to indicate who we want to see the profile photo change. We can choose between making it public, that anyone on and off Facebook can see it, that only our friends see it, all friends except those we indicate, a specific group of friends or only ourselves.

On this occasion, if what we want is to change the Facebook profile photo without anyone knowing, we will have to choose the last option, Only me. In this way, no one but ourselves will be able to see that we have made a change to the profile photo of our Facebook account. They will only know if they look at our photo, but it will not come out as a publication of ours to all our friends.

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