How to clean the PS5 news feed


How to clean the PS5 news feed

We have given the welcome it deserves to the new generation of consoles with the most complete guide for PS5 , where you can find all the tricks and tutorials . The aim of these guides is to squeeze the possibilities of the Sony console to get the best possible experience. It is true that the next generation games are still limited, but you can still play everything that you had pending on PS4. PlayStation 5 has interesting news such as its interface and we will tell you how to clean the news feed in simple steps, although it may take time.

When you turn on the console for the first time and do the initial setup, you might feel lost in the new interface . There is an "Official News" section for PlayStation listing the latest announcements, release dates, game updates and much more. All this information appears because PS5 is permanently connected to the Internet. If this list does not appear when you press the PS button on the DualSense controller, you may have to connect PS5 to your WiFi network . The theme of the news is based on your searches and games, so news that finally doesn't interest you can slip in.

How to clean the PS5 news feed

In that case, you can change the news feed to show other information. By default PlayStation 5 follows a series of games related to your user account, so you have to stop following the games that appear in this news section. There are 3 different ways to get to this option:

From the Official News feed:

  1. Press the PS button on the controller to enter the [Official News] .
  2. Click on any item in the feed.
  3. Select the […] menu at the bottom.
  4. Stop following any game.

From the game board:

When you start the console, the first thing you can see is the initial screen where the latest games are located , the PlayStation Store and other functions such as the Library. This is always in view, but only allows to display 8 icons . Therefore, this access is quite limited to what you can see on the screen at that moment and consists of 2 steps.

  1. Highlight the game board and enter the […] button .
  2. Select [Unfollow].

From the PlayStation Store:

So how can you access all the games to unfollow them? Unfortunately, there is no automatic option to unfollow multiple games at the same time. The most complete way to do it is to enter the library where all the games you have installed on PS5 appear and do it manually as we tell you under these lines:

  1. Enter the [Library] .
  2. Select any game and it will take you to its PlayStation Store page .
  3. Click the […] button next to [Play].
  4. Select the [Stop following] option.

When you do this with the games you want, related news will no longer appear in the current section. You can do the same process to start following games and thus you will receive information about them. Remember that you can share PS5 games with other users , although they will not have these advanced options on the console.

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