How to complete the Beskar missions in Fortnite season 5 and get the upgraded Mandalorian armor

How to complete the Beskar missions in Fortnite season 5 and get the upgraded Mandalorian armor

It's time to get the improved Mandalorian armor and for this we tell you all the missions that you must complete in season 5 of Fortnite.

Among many of the novelties that have been introduced in season 5 of Fortnite , we have the possibility of obtaining the advanced armor of the Mandalorian, the Disney character that is also present in this season.

Although unlocking the basic skin of the Mandalorian is very easy, what is really going to interest us is to get the improved armor that is made up of several pieces and that to obtain each of them you will have to advance a lot throughout the pass of battle.

But do not worry, because we are going to offer you all the steps you need to do to get each of the pieces, and also how to complete those missions that are more complicated to perform.

How to complete all Beskar missions in Fortnite season 5 and get the upgraded Mandalorian armor

These are all the steps you need to take to unlock the Mandalorian's advanced armor:

Buy the battle pass

You need to have bought the paid battle pass to be able to access all the missions that the different pieces of advanced armor will offer us, so unlock it right away if you don't have it.

Locate the Razor Crest

It is the famous ship of the Mandalorian that is in a fairly obvious place on the new map of season 5. Specifically, it is located in the central part of the island, southeast of the new Colosseum and west of Grimy Docks.

Receive a weapon specialist achievement

You must do this challenge in a team fight and it is quite simple. Once the game begins, collect all the weapons you can, and the idea is that you do 250 points of damage with a shotgun or an assault rifle, or 150 points of damage with other types of weapons.

If you manage to do this specific damage in the game, you will receive the Weapon Specialist achievement.

Collect 500 Gold Bars

It is a new virtual currency introduced in this season 5 and you can obtain it by collecting bounty hunter missions or by performing many other actions.

So complete rewards from NPCs, complete short quests, collect them from eliminated players, or find them in your matches.

Find beskar's steel in the Shark's belly

It seems quite cryptic but it is very simple. As you well know in previous seasons we had the shark's lair in the northwest corner of the map, because we must go to that area.

Once you locate the island that we indicate on the map, you must enter through the jaws, advance through the underground area until you find an open vault door and inside the element that interests us.

Defeat Ruckus

It is one of the mini bosses that are scattered on the map, and you can find it west of Sticky Swamp, specifically it is located in a structure east of the lake north of Campo CalĂ­gine.

Find the beskar steel where the earth touches the sky

To do this, we must go to the highest point on the entire map, which as you can imagine is in the mountains located in the southeast area of ​​the map.

Complete a legendary mission

We can't help you here, because the legendary missions change every week, so when you get to this step, simply see what legendary mission you have available and get over it.

Complete a bounty

To do this, you have to talk to one of the 40 secondary characters that are scattered on the map. 

When you talk to them, there will be moments when they tell you that you must eliminate a specific player from the map in less than five minutes, and if you complete it, you will have passed this step.

With this you already know how to complete all the Beskar missions of Fortnite season 5 to get the improved Mandalorian armor. 

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