How to complete "Cherchez La Femme" in Cyberpunk 2077

How to complete "Cherchez La Femme" in Cyberpunk 2077

We tell you how to go through one of the most interesting and difficult plot tasks of the game "Cherchez La Femme"

First, go to the indicated bar and talk to the bartender. After Evelyn appears, follow the girl to the private room. Then visit Judy with her. She will tell you about the brands so you can try the first one.

After starting the test braindance, press the keys that are given to you in the prompt.

How to pass brands

  • TAB switches to study mode, Space bar pauses recording, Shift is used in recording study mode to switch between layers.
  • There are three layers (there are only two in training) - image (yellow), sound (green) and temperature (blue).
  • You can fast forward and rewind the recording by holding E and Q respectively. Or hold R to start from the beginning.
  • The layers will have bold lines. They indicate that there is something to explore. Rewind the time by the specified segment, select the desired layer and pause. Then look around the highlighted items that can be scanned. On the image layer, they are usually marked with a yellow magnifying glass marker. If you're looking at the sound layer, then look for green streaks.

Complete the tutorial and the actual recording will begin. Evelyn has visited Yorinoba Arasaka, and you need to understand where the biochip is hidden. First, watch the recording until Yorinobu starts talking on the phone. Switch to exploration (TAB), select the sound scale and look at the green waves. You will listen to the recording of Yorinobu's communication. Then rewind the recording almost to the very end, when Yorinobu and Evelyn go to bed. At some point, the man will open the drawer of the bedside table, and inside is the tablet. So you need to scan it.

You will learn that the biochip needs to be stored at low temperatures. The temperature layer becomes available. Switch to the blue layer and rewind time. Bold blue bars will gradually appear on the scale. You are interested in the moment Yorinobu communicates on the phone, when he leaves to the left of the monitor. Then you can examine the floor panel in the far left corner of the room. This is a hidden safe in which the biochip is stored. You can leave the braindance.

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