How to defeat Arlo in Pokémon Go: how to beat the leader of the Rocket Team in December 2020

How to defeat Arlo in Pokémon Go: how to beat the leader of the Rocket Team in December 2020

We give you all the keys so that you can defeat one of the leaders of Team Go Rocket, the mighty Arlo, who now in December returns with more desire to bother us than ever.

Even if you know how to beat the leaders of Team GO Rocket in Pokémon Go , month by month the disposition of the creatures that can end up throwing us in combat changes, and that is why in December you may have greater difficulties to defeat Arlo.

Arlo is one of his Team GO Rocket leaders who make things more difficult for us, although luckily we already know the combat configuration that he is going to launch throughout the month of December, so that when you meet him you already know what Use Pokémon to take it down easily.

In this guide to defeat Arlo in Pokémon GO as of December 2020 , we tell you which Pokémon it uses in each of the phases, and how you should counterattack it to defeat it without many complications.

How to defeat Arlo in Pokémon Go: how to beat the leader of the Rocket Team in December 2020

First, we are going to point out the Pokémon that it will use in each of the phases:

  • Phase 1: Growlithe
  • Phase 2: Blastoise, Charizard, steelix
  • Phase 3: Dragonite, Scizor, Salamence

First confrontation

Vs Growlithe

It is the simplest creature of the whole confrontation, and you will not have excessive difficulties. It has a not very high power level, and note that we are talking about a fire-type Pokémon so it is weak to water-type attacks, but also to earth and rock. In general, you will use a fast movement of the dark or fire type and also a fire or normal charge movement.

For this you can use the following creatures:

  • Tyranitar with Shred, Sharp Rock and Anti-Aircraft
  • Terrakion with antiaircraft, avalanche and point blank
  • Kyogre with waterfall, surf and blizzard

Second confrontation

  • Vs Blastoise, it is a water-type Pokémon and will use dark or water rapid movement and possibly an ice, normal, steel or water charge movement. You could counter him with Palkia and use some of his featured moves like Dragon Tail, Dragon Breath, and Draco Comet.
  • Vs Charizard is a fire type and will use a rapid fire or flying movement, likewise a dragon or fire charge attack. You can use to counterattack creatures like Aggron, Tyranitar or Terrakion with their main movements since we are facing a weak creature against electric, rock and water.
  • Vs Steelix is ​​rock and steel type, so we advise you to use creatures like Heatran, Kyogre or Empoleon and use movements that do good fire or water damage.

Third confrontation

  • Vs Dragonite is dragon-type and flying and is weak against fairy-type Pokémon. That is why we advise you to use either Togekiss or Gardevoir or Clefable.
  • Vs Scizor is one of the easiest to drop in this round, and it can be easily countered with most fire Pokémon, especially Heatran, Moltres, or Ho-oh.
  • Vs Salamence is dragon and flying type, and is the most difficult of all, but you could use counterattacks with Tyranitar, Togekiss or Gardevoir
So now you know, try to have one of the really well-behaved Pokémon on your team to counter Arlo, and you won't have a hard time beating this Team GO Rocket leader.

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