How to disable app ads in Windows 10 Lockscreen

How to disable app ads in Windows 10 Lockscreen

 Windows 10, released by Microsoft, has established itself as the best operating system of all time. But there are some features that have been added recently. With an ever-growing number of apps in the Windows Store that digitally serve our purposes, the easiest way to get our message across is through advertising. Our Windows 10 is also capable of doing the same. You would have noticed some announcements about different apps displayed on the lock screen. This may not always be attractive to everyone. Although you may not have selected it, it appears automatically. I wonder why ?! The main reason for these ads is the Spotlight feature that is enabled on your computer.

Windows Spotlight is a feature that lets you choose the lock screen for your PC. Plus, you can automatically rotate between pre-selected Microsoft images so that they appear on the lock screen. It recently included images showing ads for apps provided by Microsoft from the Windows Store. This is added to the set of preselected images.

Here, I will show you the steps you must follow to disable ads that are promoting on your lock screen. This requires finding the Spotlight feature first.


  • Open the settings app by searching in the search bar. This appears in the lower left corner of your desktop.


  • In a new window that opens, you will find an incarnation option that appears at the top of the tab. Click on this.


  • On the left pane, you will find various options. Tap on the Lock screen option . On the right you will find the Background option , Windows Attention Center will be installed , you can change the setting for either Photos or Slideshow by selecting from the drop-down menu.


  • An alternative method is to enable Spotlight without showing ads on the lock screen. To do this, scroll through the page you are currently on.


  • You will find the Get fun facts, tips and more option on your lock screen. It will be enabled by default. Slide it to the left to turn it off.


  • Open the lock screen again after putting your computer or laptop into sleep mode. From now on, no app ads will be displayed on it.

Try to feel the change!

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