How to earn more XP in Fortnite season 5 and level up faster

How to earn more XP in Fortnite season 5 and level up faster

We offer you the best procedures that we have found to earn more experience points in Fortnite season 5, and therefore to level up faster.

With the premiere of Fortnite season 5, it 's time to start raising our battle pass level as fast as we can, to unlock a multitude of rewards.

In addition to the traditional methods to level up in Fortnite season 5, we will be able to take advantage of a series of failures or advantages, all totally legal, and that will help us to raise the level much faster.

That is why in this article we are going to tell you the best methods to level up quickly in Fortnite season 5 , with procedures that we can do quite easily.

How to earn more XP in Fortnite season 5 and level up faster

Infinite Harpoon Ammo

First we are going to start strong with a trick that you must do in a team fray, and that is basically to drop into Sandy Cliffs, in the north of the map, and pick up any harpoon that there are enough in the area.

Once you have the harpoon, get closer to the water, and use it to fish, and you will see that you get quite a bit of experience quickly. The problem there is, that the harpoon has limited ammunition, but we can do something to make it totally infinite.

Once you have only one projectile of harpoon ammo left, build up, and commit suicide to the character to make it respawn again, and you will see that once again you will have 10 of the harpoon ammo to keep exploiting this trick.

Remember that it is only valid in team melee because we can respawn.

Complete all those daily missions

They tend to go unnoticed, and are a series of daily missions that you can do in your games, and if you do not miss them, you will get between 1000 and 50,000 experience points depending on their difficulty.

All weekly missions

Once a week we will have a new compendium of weekly missions, which you can do to get a lot of experience. So try to do each one of them and remember that you have the whole season to finish them.

Explore the island

Right now there are a lot of new locations and iconic places that you can discover, and in each of them you get at least 8000 experience points, so if you discover each of the new locations on the map, you can climb a few levels totally free and rapids of the battle pass.

Complete the challenges of the characters on the map that you can talk to

One of the challenges of the first week, but that you can also do whenever you want, is to be able to talk with different characters so that they enable you a series of missions. 

Play with friends

If you play with your friends, you will receive game bonuses, and the idea is that you last the maximum in the game so that you reach the end. So choose your friends well, make games especially in squad mode.

Team fray

Perhaps the easiest way to get experience, but you must make sure that your team is winning because that way you will get more.

In fact, if you see that the game progresses a little and the team is losing, you can always go out and even gain experience of what you have done up to that moment.

Investing real money

We do not advise you to invest real money, but if you can afford it, remember that you can jump up 25 levels of the battle pass, or buy the required ones.

Now you know the current methods to gain experience in Fortnite season 5 , something that we can do quietly in the games during the next few days. 

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