How to Finish "Lost in the Snow" and find Joel's father in Genshin Impact

How to Finish "Lost in the Snow" and find Joel's father in Genshin Impact

 There are also numerous world quests in the new Dragonspine region, which Genshin Impact invites in Update 1.2. You will receive one of these tasks from a boy named Joel, who lost contact with his father, who set off for the mountains. How to solve this quest and how to find Joel's father, you will learn in this guide.

When you arrive at the base camp you will find Joel looking for his father. Accept the quest and go looking for his father.

How you finish "Lost in the Snow"

First go to the statue of the seven in Dragonspine. Once there, you jump down and find the first camp . Examine the written note there and move to the next marker on the map.

To find the second camp , you should move along the western slope of the mountain. If you have also found this marker, you will find a small campsite with some supplies. Examine the written note there too.

Next, travel back to the Statue of Seven and head to a hole in the ground to the west of it. On the other side there is a cave that leads you towards the summit. Take a look around here and find a breakable stone wall on the right. Destroy them and go inside.

Once inside, you will find another campsite with some supplies. Again, examine the written note that reveals that Joel's father took shelter in the cave from the blizzard. But after the exit was blocked by rocks, he climbed down the cliff to get himself to safety.

If you put a few berries in the bowl next to the camp, a fox will appear later, who will give you 50 primary stones and lead you to your father's bag. This part is not essential for completing the quest.

Once you have done this, you should return to base camp and speak to Joel. He says he is sure his father made it and will continue to wait for him.

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