How to Get 2021 New Year Offensive Rewards for Free in World of Tanks

How to Get 2021 New Year Offensive Rewards for Free in World of Tanks

 Here's how to get the maximum free gifts from the New Year Offensive 2021 event in World of Tanks.

Useful tips and life hacks to get more gifts.

The holiday will transform your hangar into something special, transform it and give you the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the New Year. To make it better and better, tankers need to complete combat missions and collect decorations in the process. Each decoration is a new step towards raising the level of your hangar atmosphere.

Greetings Tankers! OkayGotcha is with you and today we will talk about the upcoming New Year's offensive and how to properly meet it in World of Tanks. Those who donate to New Year's boxes will not have any particular problems, they will collect most of the collections and quickly pump the festive atmosphere. However, many play without financial investments, so you need to make the most of your opportunities and calculate the time.

Let's briefly talk about the main mechanics and, along the way, figure out what to do with them.

The festive atmosphere is the most important parameter of the New Year's offensive. It has several levels, at each of which new bonuses and gifts are given to the tanker. The holiday atmosphere has 2 key milestones:

  • IV level.  You will receive your first Snow Maiden.
  • X level.  You get access to the collections of the New Years Offensive of the past (from 2018 inclusive).

The basic indicators of the atmosphere are also gradually increasing. It increases the quality of combat awards and bonuses. With each level of the atmosphere, the increase becomes more noticeable.
Also, from the collected collections and a high level of atmosphere, you can get another bonus - a 40% increase in credits in random battles. And another 10% for large jewelry.

Toy Crafting Guide

There will be several points to which it is important to heed in order to collect as many collections as possible:

  1. Resist the temptation to craft big toys in the early days  . They fall from small boxes.
  2. Do not use anti-repeater first  . It will be in a limited quantity, leave it at the very end of the event, so that you can probably close the collections with  toys of 4-5 levels.

If you have 5-10 toys left in last year's collections, then this is almost a free 2D style. In case there is no time for the game in December, close at least the old ones.

Snow Maiden

Snow Maidens are not only beautiful models, but also useful companions. Once a day, one of them will give out a gift with an ornament from the collection (you yourself choose which one). There are only 4 Snow Maidens, and each patronizes its own set of decor.

In addition, the granddaughters of Santa Claus entrust the tankers with special combat missions. All experience that you get for winning a battle will be  multiplied by x5 . And if a gift can be received only 1 per day, regardless of the number of Snow Maidens, then each gives out its own task.

With each new present from a beauty, the minimum level of jewelry that she can give increases. The more gifts have already been received, the more valuable the next will be. Therefore, you should not miss a single day.

Bottom line:  do not forget to click on the Snow Maidens in the Hangar every day. The knowledge base is the same for everyone, we choose toys based on the required collection (it is best to finish off one).

Chuck Norris

Chuck is a new commander who can be made part of your team. And it's completely free, you just need to complete Chuck's tasks. Also, these quests give out Small boxes and various game items.

To get a special Chuck slot in your (New Year's) vehicle branch, you need to complete 5 of his tasks. After that, the bonus will be issued regardless of the atmosphere in your hangar and whether you have been improving it. The bonus in this slot changes without reference to the type of vehicle.

Unlike last year, when a unique commander was only in Big boxes (for a donation), this time you can get it for free:

  1. We carry out special combat missions every day. If you miss it, it's okay, the old ones are saved, and the new ones are added . That is, it will be possible to complete them all even at the end of the event.
  2. There will be 32  combat missions in total  . Each one gives certain rewards.
  3. Chuck Norris will become available after completing  27  missions.

New Year's tech tree
During the offensive, you will be able to form your own branch of New Year's equipment. It can include 7 cars. Level limit: from 5 to 10 inclusive. All vehicles (depending on the class) will receive special bonuses to the experience gained in battle.

How many slots will remain in this branch depends only on how many of them were opened in the offensive. In addition, the received bonuses will be valid after the end of the event (that is, after January 11).

These are good boosts that will replace reserves (and if you complete daily tasks in the Holiday Calendar, you can replenish your reserves). In general, there will be all conditions for pumping vehicles and farming silver.

Is it possible to collect a collection without donation?

Theoretically, there are chances. To complete at least one collection completely and pick up a new style, you need:

  1. complete all combat missions to collect as many small boxes as possible;
  2. take gifts from the snow maidens every day;
  3. do not spend shards on crafting toys until the end of the event;
  4. start crafting toys in the last days and only then use an anti-repeat.

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