How to get a cat in Cyberpunk 2077

How to get a cat in Cyberpunk 2077

 Even the gloomy Johnny Silverhand approves of the bald eye.

Cyberpunk 2077 has many flaws, but there is one undeniable advantage. In the game, you can get yourself a cat, the look of which will touch even the gloomy Johnny Silverhand. But not for players who prefer furry pets: in the game you can only get a Sphinx.

Looking to see Misty and Ripperdock Victor, you probably noticed a street cat sitting right at the entrance to the basement - you can pet it, but after a while the cat will stop appearing at Victor's. This cat is our goal.

In fact, she lives in a completely different place: V and the cat are neighbors. If you leave V's apartment, turn left and reach the trash can around the corner, you can find an empty bowl, cockroaches and a message asking you to feed the cat. This is where our epic quest begins.

The cat does not eat burritos from the nearby vending machines: it needs normal cat food. You can probably find her in some specialty store, but we got food in a closed, well-guarded Arasaka complex.

Break into the base of a powerful corporation for a cat? Basically, why not. Our path lies in the Arroyo area, in the industrial park of the corporation.

You need a site where Arasaka avi are displayed. There will be a door under it, immediately inside on the box - it stands to the left of the door - you will find the coveted cat food.

Now we return home to V, put food in a bowl by the trash can, go to the apartment and sleep. This time will be enough for the cat to smell the food and appear at the bowl. All that remains is to grab the cat, drag it to V's apartment and take care of it.

Johnny Silverhand approves.

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