How to get Dexter DeShawn's pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

How to get Dexter DeShawn's pistol in Cyberpunk 2077

 Dexter DeShawn is one of the famous characters in Knight City that you will meet at the beginning of the game. But due to certain events, he dies, and later you can find his corpse.

By visiting a specific location on the map, you will find your former dead employer. You can take his gun if you like.

It's an interesting weapon that lets you shoot as long as you have Eddie (remember Dante's cowboy hat from the last Devil May Cry title, right?).

  • Head to the Medeski gas station east of Santo Domingo.
  • After that, continue down the road to the location shown in the screenshot below

Dexter DeShawn's pistol  location

  • Follow the road, preferably in a vehicle, until you reach a dead end.
  • Get out of the car and inspect Dex's body, which will be the iconic Plan B pistol.

It is important to note that this weapon is not that powerful. Its bullets can ricochet off surfaces. Nevertheless, this is a cult pistol, which means that in the future you can improve it to another rarity. And it looks good!

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