How to have romances in Cyberpunk 2077

How to have romances in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 features a wide variety of characters. Some of them will be more open to V, so you can have an affair with them. For faster sex in the game, you can use the services of prostitutes.

Do the characters have a specific sexual orientation?

Yes, each of the characters available for the novel has a specific sexual orientation. If, for example, you play as a heterosexual man and date a homosexual woman, romanticism will not be available. There will also be bisexual characters in the game who are open to intrigues regardless of the gender of the hero.

Your character can also have a specific sexual orientation - you are free to choose that.

Why can't I have an affair

If you can't romance the selected character, there are two options:

  • you can't have a romantic relationship with him or her
  • he / she has an unsuitable sexual orientation.

Our guide contains a list of all the characters you can romance and sleep with. We've also added their orientation and conditions to gain favor. Romantic plots look different depending on the gender of V.

Where to find a brothel in Cyberpunk 2077

And take off a prostitute. There are indeed brothels in the game. The game makes it possible to use the services of prostitutes. This is not affected by your gender or reputation. In such situations, only the size of your wallet matters.

At the moment in the game, you can start novels with only 5 characters (it is possible that there are others):

  • Alt Cunningham
  • Panam Palmer
  • Judy Alvarez
  • River Ward
  • Kerry Eurodine
You are unlikely to miss meeting these residents of Night City, as you will definitely encounter them when completing main and side quests. Unfortunately, there are no achievements for finding the second half.

Your character's gender plays an important role in the creation of a novel. The fact is that only 2 people from the list agree to meet with the male protagonist, and 2 more - only with the female protagonist. Thus, you will not be able to spin a romantic relationship with all of them in one playthrough.

With the exception of Alt Cunningham (with her, the romance will begin automatically during the plot), you can begin love relationships with everyone else only as part of their side quests. During dialogues with them, always choose phrases to support them, and also take their side when talking with other people.

If you want to earn the trust and love of your possible soul mate, then try to agree with her opinion and fulfill all her requests. Don't tell the Sim that you are only helping him for money, and choose options with flirting and physical contact (like touching). In general, be nice and do your job well.

Alt Cunningham

  • Required gender of the main character: does not matter.
You will automatically be romantically involved with her during the main quest, Never Fade Away. This girl is impossible to miss. It's about Johnny's old memories. There won't be any choices here, so you'll see a bed scene anyway.

Alt Cunningham

Panam Palmer

  • Required gender of main character: male only.
You will meet this young lady during the main story as you travel to the Badlands. You will then be able to complete her three additional missions, and if you choose the correct answers when talking to her, you can seduce her and see a love scene in a tank.

Panam Palmer

As we have already noted above, you will need to treat her warmly (flirt and make light touches), and agree to all her offers - so you can spend more time with Panam. Below we list all the tasks and dialogues that will allow you to have an affair with Palmer.

Judy Alvarez

  • Required gender of main character: female only.
If you want to start a romantic relationship with this girl, then you should first do her side assignments. Access to them opens automatically as you progress through the story ("Both Sides", "Now", "Ex-Factor", "Talking about Revolution", "Pisces", "Pyramid Song").

Judy Alvarez

When completing the secondary mission "Pisces", either do not accept payment from Maiko, or completely abandon her plan.

For the Pyramid Song quest, accept Judy's invitation to dive with her, and then spend the night at the hut together. Kiss her in the bathroom. The next morning, talk to the girl at the docks and tell her that this is the beginning of something very good.

River Ward

  • Required gender of main character: female only.
If you want to start a romantic relationship with this character, then you must first do his side quests.

River Ward

When performing his quest called "The Hunt" you will need to save Randy. Later, at the end of this quest, select the flirting dialogue.

During his mission "In the Footsteps of the River", you can kiss Ward twice. To start a romance, you will need to use both possibilities. The next morning, tell him that you enjoy being around him.

Kerry Eurodine

  • Required gender of main character: male only.
If you want to start a romantic relationship with this character, then you must first do his side quests.

Kerry Eurodine

Flirt with him on the balcony as he completes his mission, "Unleashed".

You can start an affair with Kerry during the Drinks from the Boat mission given to him. When he asks for your help in the bay, you will need to kiss him. After the beach scene, select the dialogue that initiates the romance.

At this point in time, these are all the novels that were discovered in Cyberpunk 2077 so far. It is possible that in the future the list will be supplemented with other characters.

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To have at least some chance for a romantic relationship with a woman, you need to choose the "Corporate" life path.

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